I'd like for you to meet my Great Niece, MissRiss

I'd like you to meet a very special person in my life! :0)


At age two this lil' gal began to memorize scripture.  She came to know Jesus, at a very young age. MissRiss has been a very important part of my life for over 13 years.


“BlueEyes” is this girls favorite pet. She started dressing him in doll clothes and pushing him around in a buggy before he was steady on his feet. It must have been acceptable to this pure white cat, because he is totally devoted to his “mom.” 


God knew just where to plant MissRiss, she loves animals, and living on a farm.  I would guess that her most favorite thing to do is to spend time riding horses with her Dad.


Riss &  I are   ‘shopping partners’. We also enjoy feeding the ducks & swans at the lake; and taking in an occasional movie.


One of our biggest adventures was when the girl was the “Roving Reporter” for the local Television Program  "Pooz Playhouse."


This sweet and wonderful gal is bold as a lion, and gentle as a dove. She believes the Lord has called her to be a preachin’ missionary, and is ready to do anything He gives her to do.


Meet my "Girlfriend" (Great-Niece):


JJ Daniel

~My Testimony~


When I was three or four I accepted Christ.

My Mom asked if I wanted Jesus in my heart I said yes.

Then she prayed with me and then I tried to be like Jesus.


by Marissa:   in memory of her pony that was sold;

 she got a horse instead!

I once had a pony named SHASTA

who could run quite fasta,


The best pony in the world,

Her mane and tail never curled,


That was my pony named SHASTA.


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