Spiritual journeys: They are all so different. As Christians we have one common starting point – the cross of Christ. My mum was saved the year I was born. Although my parents divorced when I was 15 I had a happy childhood. I remember the materials we had around the house. Stories in picture form of Jesus life. I went to Sunday school & sang in the Sunday school choir.

 God first touched me when I was about eleven. I remember God’s Presence in my room; I wept and wept. We were on holidays at the time and when we arrived home there was a special evangelistic service. I could hardly wait to get to the alter, and receive Christ into my life.

 I received materials but no follow up. High school, growing up, Confusion: Who was I? Where did I fit? Classical music? A loner?  Drugs?

 One day I mentioned to a friend: “I wonder what the church thinks of drugs?”  Right then and there I called the local AoG assistant Pastor. He invited me to his office to talk. On the appointed day we talked for 2 hours.

 Did I want to accept Jesus into my life?  Yes!

 We prayed and I knew something was different. I was changed. I started learning Bible verses and attending the AoG church. It was a time when I started learning how to relate to people. I was living with my mum, and we enjoyed wonderful Christian fellowship together.

At fifteen or so I decided to learn how to play the piano. We bought some simple chorus books that gave me a real focus for my learning. I wrote songs, and to assist in learning the scriptures I put them to music. The friend who I was with when I called the church had a beautiful piano that no one played. They enjoyed me coming over to play it.

 My first full-song was conceived while playing on that piano. I got the idea and raced home to work on it. I then went back to play the end product for my friend. That song was called "The Bike Song". I have written many songs since, one of which was studio-recorded.

 At school I was known as a Christian; and had the privilege of seeing several students come to the Lord. I remember about six of the boarders coming to a youth meeting with me. I think it freaked the youth leader. He was not used to a crowd of unsaved people in his services. A while later I was asked to share with the youth group.

 This was the first time I did something this major! I chose the subject "the Purpose of temptation". I prepared well, and practiced on Mum. She heard that message three times before I shared with the youth.

 It went really well, Almost like I was born for it! A while after that I was asked to lead the singing at a youth camp, another first for me. The morning I was to lead I skipped breakfast, to spent time in preparation. There were about 150 youth assembled, I remember the first 10 seconds vividly! Just think of Peter looking at the wind and waves, and sinking! Anyway Jesus came to my aid and again it was like I had been doing it all my life. The atmosphere was exceptional. The guest speaker came out and put his arm around my shoulder: "I don't think there would be a demon within 10 miles of this place this morning!"  He said.

 God showed me through those experiences that He had called me for a purpose. I went to Bible College for two years and graduated with a Diploma in Christian Ministries. After this I rejoined the work force. Between 1979 and 1987 I led Home Groups; accepted preaching engagements; and was actively involved in youth ministry. I would organize sporting events where the unsaved found a place to relate on real terms with Christians. In 1986 while working part time I assisted a Pastor establish an inner city church.

 I would love to say my walk has been one continual onward & upward journey but it would not be true. In 1987 I walked away from Christian fellowship. In 1994 God again invaded my life and gripped me like never before. I went through a period of deep repentance. I knew beyond any shadow-of- doubt, that I was totally undeserving of Gods love.

 After many days of tears, God gave me a promise through two people who had no idea what I was going through. “For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”  Jer 29:11  I do believe that one day I will be a Pastor.

 I am currently the music director at my church, and preach occasionally. I work in Finance at a University. I love my job and the people I work with. I never want to loose contact with the people in the world. The fields are white to harvest.

 To reach the lost we must be in the fields. I know God has anointed me. I know also that He has gifted me in leading worship and preaching. He has been patient with me and given me a peace and joy that truly does pass all understanding. Daily I am working out His plan for my life. Where He will lead me, I do not know - but I do know He is faithful and His ways and timing are perfect.

 Spiritual journeys: They are all so different. As Christians we have one common destination – the throne of God.

 I wrote "THE BIKE" song when I was about 18 years old. I owned a Honda 100cc motorcycle. As my first motorized mode of transport it was exciting the freedom I felt just being able to get on my bike and travel for kilometers if I wanted to.

 That freedom was also felt from knowing the Lord. Whereas once I had been confined within the walls of insecurity and fear, I now had a freedom born of God. Who knew what life’s road would bring, but with Jesus by my side life had become one exciting journey!



© Peter G. Kuskie

 Riding along I sit on sixty,

Singing a song with a happy smile.

Praising my Lord I know

He's with me,

Singing in the spirit by the mile.


How come I never felt this

way before?

How come nobody told me

that there was this much more.


Cause I'm living in God's world I know

A world where Jesus gives me go!

I'm living in God's world,

I know I'm where I'm meant to be.


While at the stop lights I tell Him I love Him,

Laugh at the thought of raising my hands.

See a good friend I bid him God's blessing,

Then the lights change and I'm on my way.


 Arriving home I'm almost dancing,

And leaping up into the air.

Since Jesus came to take my burdens,

I'm going to give Him all of my cares.


That's why I never felt this way before,

But now I know that Jesus came to give me

Life and so much more.


And I'm living in God's world I know,

A world where Jesus gives me go!

I'm living in God's world,

I know I'm where I'm meant to be.


The Ballad of Cattle Grazing


I'm a wild cattle wandering free,

Look yonder hill - grazing,

that's me!


I'm who I am, I get my thrills

Being one of Gods'

on a thousand hills.


I'm a simple cattle,

my thoughts aren't deep

(But I like to think

they're deeper than sheeps).


When I'm perplexed you'll see me blink

My eyes go cross-eyed when I have to think

I chew things over, (including hay)

Jaws in motion, thoughts far away.


Some might prefer to see me in muzzle

But I can't help myself. . .

I just LOVE to nuzzle


I love my friends I've met in chat

Sometimes just with a cow phat splat

I love to talk - cyber shoot the breeze

Some think I'm strange (mad cow disease)


 I like to listen to what you say

Oft times I'm blessed - you make my day

So if we've not met - I'm Cattle Grazing

Jesus is Lord so I'm grazing praising



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