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neva.jpgAfter a car accident, I spent seven years trying to control the pain from the back & neck injuries. I saw Doctors, Chiropractors, and Therapists weekly; I lived on ibuprofen, and was still in constant pain. I had to rely on someone else to clean my house, mop my floors, do yard work, and all the lifting. Getting through a day at work could be pure torture. 


One day I stopped by my sister’s house. She was watching the Todd Bentley Florida revival meeting. Although I’d heard a lot about what awesome things God was doing through this revival, and around the world, I hadn’t seen it for myself. Just as I sat down to watch it for the first time… Todd Bentley stopped in the middle of his sermon, looked directly into the camera and said… “There is a lady watching me on God.TV right now – you were injured in an accident and have had chronic pain for years. God is healing you right now!” …then he returned to his sermon.


I KNEW that was ME, and the pain left INSTANTLY! PRAISE GOD!!


I think the best part of this story is that I don’t have a way to see that revival in Florida – so God had only about a 10-min. window to minister to me.  And He did!! PTL!!  He was waiting for me!!  J


I didn’t mention this to anyone until the next day when my sister noticed that I was moving better, and not complaining about the pain… just the day before I was unable to help her bring groceries into the house because the pain was so bad.


I spent the next day in the car, driving to Seattle and back, walking into the air port, etc., without any trouble with my back. The next day I went out to see if I might work a little in the yard… when I felt a little tired and decided to go inside for a rest, I discovered that I’d been out there about eight hours. I spent a total of twelve hours working in the yard that day and near that many the next day; pulling weeds, hauling rock, etc. I also cleaned my house and mopped floors – with NO PAIN! This healing took place more than a month ago, at this writing – and PRAISE GOD I am still pain free, moving faster than I have in about 30 years, and able to enjoy life again!!!  YES Jesus DOES STILL HEAL TODAY!!



While I am giving thanks to The Father for His goodness, I’d also like to give thanks for His faithfulness. When I was younger I wanted to travel and minister in music, that was my dream – and what I believed God’s purpose was for me. That plan didn’t work out; as years passed by, I realized it was just too late and wasn’t going to happen… I would never see any part of that dream. I turned seventy in February of this year, and since that birthday I was asked to sing at my church, I have been to Japan to minister in song at an International Bible Conference, where I met wonderful people and had a great time!  And, I will spend this week at a Mississippi Bible Conference, soaking up the presence of God. God is GOOD and He is FAITHFUL to His plans. Don’t EVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAM!!


Thank you for allowing me to share my story with you; I hope that it will encourage you to believe Him for your every need.


Neva –