One night in a Bible Study chat room – new  chatter "Twomacs" came in. The topic of discussion turned toward her name, and jokes were made about ordering more than just two Macs! (Referring to MacDonald's Big Macs), and etc.

As we began to chat, this new person & I seemed to find an instant connection. After a brief discussion to be sure that they were a "SheMac and not a HeMac" her “handle” officially changed to "SheMac” – and it stuck!

Jill is a fun and wonderful woman of God. As our friendship has grown, I am daily thankful that the Lord brought this anointed preacher, teacher, poet, prayer warrior and friend into my life!

 Meet my friend ~SheMac~ from New Zealand,

             jj Daniel, site-manager


 Hi from "shemac"!

It's a real joy to be able to include my testimony on the website of my very special friend JJ, who has blessed my life beyond measure... she is My Cyber Friend .... and inspired the poem of the same name (below).


Born in 1942, I was known as a war baby, definitely unplanned, almost certainly unwelcome. Yet against all odds, I survived! My father died when I was 5 months old and my mother, widowed at age 25 with two infant children, remarried within 3 years. My stepfather then became the much loved, and only dad I ever knew.

I was a happy child, and grew up in a nominally Christian home, the second of five children. From a very early age I was aware of God's hand on my life; but it was not until many years later than I came to know Jesus personally.

Because my parents farmed in an isolated area of New Zealand it was necessary for me to go to boarding school at the age of twelve. This was not a happy time in my life, and during those years I formed some very negative opinions of who I was as a person. This period was followed by several years where I came to know abuse, rejection, and severe depression.

At 23 I found myself alone, with an infant daughter. My life had lost it's meaning, and I knew that I wanted something better for my child.

One Sunday I got off a bus, with my baby, then six weeks old, and walked into a Salvation Army meeting. At the close of the service I walked forward, and accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I left walking on air; my life had taken a dramatic turn.

In the years that followed, I met and married my husband, and we adopted two sons.... However, during those years, I still suffered badly from depression - a hangover from troubled teen years. And during those early years of marriage and motherhood, there were several failed suicide attempts, and hospitalization.

On Monday the 6th of June 1979 - In Christchurch, New Zealand town hall - at a Christian Business Men's Convention, Something happened that changed my life forever. I was filled to overflowing with the Spirit of God ... baptized with The Holy Spirit. The only way I can describe it is with the words of that old chorus - "Heaven came down, and Glory filled my soul."

In that moment, I was totally healed of depression, and have never suffered from it since. The Bible came alive for me, and I felt like I was reading it for the first time. I couldn't eat for a week! I prepared the families meals, and ran to read some more scripture!! I felt the presence of God around me, in a totally new way. I had the desire to be baptized, and began to speak in a strange new heavenly language when I was praising The Lord. It was like I ran out of words to describe how much I loved Him.

Now that day was the beginning of the rest of my life. There have been so many adventures that Jesus and I have walked through together, that it would take forever for me to tell about them. Nothing has ever happened to me that He and I couldn't handle together... Not even the sudden death of my beautiful little granddaughter. His Holy Spirit has remained with me, loving me...comforting me... restoring me... and strengthening me. Oh, I have failed Him many times, but He has promised that He will never leave me nor forsake me... and His Word is true, He cannot lie.

 Jill MacLeod, New Zealand



Poetry by Jill:

“My Covenant”

“My Cyber Friend”

“The Storm”





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