Linda, from Arizona tells of God's Faithfulness, and His love.


I will try to be as brief as possible.  My life facts sound as though I am making them up as I go along..... a horrid soap opera, if you will.  God has brought me through SO much; kept me alive; healed and delivered me of incredible hurts, scars, and abuse.  He truly IS my All-in-All!


I will be 58 on July 03.  I was born in Harrison, Arkansas.  I have been to many schools, sometimes two or three in a years time.  I knew rejection even in the womb, and everyday after.  I was abused and/or neglected physically, sexually, emotionally, mentally, and Spiritually by family, strangers, and acquaintances. I have been on my own since I turned 16.  I was saved at the age of 12, but had NO idea what to do to LIVE what I believed, and I fell into much self-destruction and sin.  Suicide attempts were a part of me ...... pain, rejection, feeling like NOTHING worth NOTHING ruled my life.  I'll try to skip forward a bit more now..... at the age of 24, I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost!!!! Oh!!!! glory!!!!! THAT is what did it for me!!!!!  He indeed did teach me, guide me, give me understanding of the Holy Scriptures, comfort me, and much much more.


My mother finally was successful in committing suicide on her 67th birthday, on July 18, 1990, by shooting herself in the head.  I fought off demonic spirits of old, and due to her suicide for months to come!  I am talking STRONG Spiritual warfare!!!  I won!!! Glory!!!!!!!!!  My husband had left our three children and I just five years previous.  It seemed as though the rejection(s) in all my life with so many was becoming more then I could bear!  Oh, Jesus, how Faithful He is!! He taught me that Forgiveness is the perfected act of His Love!  That is the way I got through, was healed, and endure to this day.  Even as a child, Jesus had instilled such Love and Forgiveness in me; truly He was (and IS) my Father AND Mother... my Husband and Brother... my Lord and Saviour!!! I love Him so!!!!!!


In the 70's (late), or the early 80's (I can't remember exactly), the Holy Spirit gave to me a Logo to use whenever I sign anything. I had not seen this anywhere on anything before; it was straight from the Holy Spirit.  I see it now all the time though!  Praise God for that!  It is a heart, with a cross inside......meaning is: God's Love Perfected.  Oh, how I love this symbol and what it stands for; I am given much opportunity to minister when I am questioned about it.  It really WAS through Forgiveness (the shedding of His only begotten Son's Blood), that God offered unto us, SHOWED to us, GAVE to us...... His Love Perfected!!


I hope I haven't written too much, and I pray that somehow you are encouraged, blessed, moved in some manner ... that would cause you to reflect upon Him, His Word, your heart, and FORGIVENESS!!!  All Glory, Honor, Worship, and Praise be unto Him and Him alone!!


I am...........


Loving you with Jesus,





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