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Hello, and welcome!! Thank you for stopping by to read my story today.

It's been several years now, since I decided to venture into the Internet world and see what it was all about. It took a couple days for a friend to teach me how to use email! hehehe!! Then my first internet-search was for "Online Bible Studies" - it led me to a wonderful group of believers where I met and have continued several friendships. How exciting it is, to meet the people you'll be spending eternity with.  :0) These new friends have asked me to write something about myself here, so..o...o..o... here we go.

The objective of this little "ALBUM OF PRAISE" is to share the goodness of God. The only difficult part of that for me is to decide exactly what to write. God has indeed been good and gracious to me, it would take books of pages to share it all!

From the first thought my parents had of me, my life has been a series of answered prayers and miracles. For years I believed that I was God’s only creation without purpose. I believed that I was a child born of my mother’s faith, and the only reason I was born was to be their “daughter.” When they moved to heaven, several years ago now, I waited for death to serve me as well.  I was wrong - I bought a lie that dictated my life for years; however, this is a very long story, too long to tell here. One thing we can always count on every day, in every situation, in every area of life - is God's WORD. His Word is truth and if we have thoughts and ideas that contradict what God said... it's a lie!    :0) 

 I came to know Jesus in a personal way, at age five; however, at age eight I had an experience with the Holy Spirit that changed my life, and I remember that day vividly. Since then, Jesus has been my source; my Savior & my Lord; My counselor & guide; my Peace & my joy; my Provider & protection; my strength & my hiding place. He’s my daily companion and best friend!  His love overwhelms me; His faithfulness astounds me! In spite of me – He has kept His Word; has never turned His back or given up on me! He is always patient and kind; He is a constant; He is truly a wonderful, loving and amazing-Father!  He is my life!!

w0w! What to tell!  What to tell!!!

  • Should I tell you about the time I injured both legs at the same time, as a teen, and God instantly healed me?

  • Or the time I injured my back, at age twenty-eight and the Drs. Said I would never walk again; And How God straightened & fused my severed spine?  How every day of my life is a walking-miracle?  Or…

  • should I tell you about the time that my husband and I simply wanted a nice cold, juicy red delicious apple – and didn’t have the price for one. And how, on that 103 degree day in August, we found two ICE COLD red delicious apples laying in our front-yard?  Or….

  • how He supernaturally provided for our every need through an entire year of no-income? Or....

  • Perhaps I should tell you about the car that my Father “gave” us, or the next car that He gave us... or the next one?!   :o)    Or…

  • would you rather hear about the country-home that just fell into my lap, without me even looking, yet was absolutely everything I’d wanted And how he gave me wonderful landlords that are a daily blessing to me?  Or...

  • about the beautiful miracle-mansion that He gave me in 2006?  An  Eph. 3:20-21 miracle that has been truly overwhelming.

  • Of course I could tell you numerous answered prayers and miracles – and how wonderfully blessed my family is.

  • I could write pages and pages about the faithfulness of my Heavenly Father....

no…  no…  nope!  I don’t think I'll tell you any of the above! One of the greatest miracles of my life is how the Lord delivered me from years of being bound by fear; I think I'll tell you that story! However….  This page is already TOO LONG. So, if you want to hear about it… you need to click here:

Saved! Delivered! And Healed!

~* SMile *~

God bless you and yours with a supernatural covering of His Peace and renew the vision He’s planted inside of you.


Shalom! Shine On! 

JJ Daniel – loving Jesus!






If you don’t know my Jesus – I would love to introduce you to Him:  Please Click here:  Meet My Jesus.