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jj5.jpgI believe that God has already made “provision” for everything that we will ever need in our life. Isa 46 says that He “knows the end from the beginning” – It also says that He “is God – and He does what every He wants!”  Job 23:13-14 delivers the same message – and I love it!!  What a place of rest and trust those Scriptures offer to His kids.


Isaiah 46 (NLT) also says…


“I have cared for you since you were born.
      Yes, I carried you before you were born.
  I will be your God throughout your lifetime—
      until your hair is white with age.
   I made you, and I will care for you.
      I will carry you along and save you.”


  “My times O Lord are in Your hands!” (Psalm 31:15)


What a perfect place to rest!!


When we are growing up – we have all kinds of “dreams” and “visions” for our life… many little boys want to grow up to be a “fireman” or a “policeman” – some want to be a “preacher” or “teacher.”  Sadly, many little girls grow up looking for a “Cinderella life” – with a “knight in shining armor”.  Well, I didn’t really have the typical “Cinderella syndrome” but did have a picture of what my life would be about, as an adult, and just like thousands of others – it didn’t happen!!


My husband was a carpenter, and his big-dream was to build our home; it was also our dream to fill that large home with children to love.  We were married less than a year, when my wonderful teddy-bear husband became very ill, and our dreams and hopes came to an abrupt end. More often than not, life just doesn’t turn out exactly the way we have pictured it… but nothing that we face takes God by surprise – HIS PLAN is still intact, and He is still working to perfect everything that concerns us!!  (Psalm 138:8)


I daily planted my feet on Proverbs 16:3 and STOOD THERE!!  One translation reads like this: “Roll your cares over onto Him; leave them there, and trust Him. Then He will cause your very thoughts to come into agreement with His will; your plans will be established and you will succeed.”


Never being around mental-illness before that moment, I had no idea what to expect, how to handle daily events, or even how to pray about what was happening to him. This story is more than thirty years long – so I’ll have to give you the condensed version here. In the town we live in, mental-health care is not as advanced as it in larger cities; sadly, my husband didn’t get the care that he needed for many years.


Walking through this nightmare with my husband, we daily saw God direct our steps and teach us whatever we needed to know that day. There were times that the Doctors would want him to do this or that – and we knew in our spirit that there was something wrong with that plan, or that medication… and instantly knew what questions to ask – to get the correct information to arrive at a desired end. During those years, more than one medical person asked me where I received my “medical training” or was I a “Doctor or an RN?” We had no medical training or understanding of such things, outside of the God-given wisdom.  I often asked questions about medications or interactions of different drugs, and didn’t even understanding the question!  God gives us the GRACE that we need DAILY… He never gave me Tuesday’s grace on Monday… Know what I mean?  He gives us what we need for the day… and He never fails!!


            There’s an old Andre Crouch song called “My Tribute” or “Through It All” – the lyrics are… “…if I’d never had a problem, I wouldn’t know that God could solve them…”


                                     (“Through It All” Article here )



The words to that song are so true!! We never cherish going through difficult challenges of life… but there we get to know the Father, in new and bigger ways. If I had never needed Him to direct my steps when I faced this “goliath” – I wouldn’t know that He would!!  Amen?  J


When we face things that we don’t understand, things that we can not handle on our own - it gives our Heavenly Father a perfect place to show just how much He loves us, and how powerful He can be, when we get Him involved.


            My pastor recently taught a message called “Raising Up A David” – in that sermon he said something that         instantly grabbed my attention: He said… “if it were not for Goliath, David would have been just another     shepherd boy!”  w0w!!  That really spoke to me!! God does use all that life brings our way – He brings good from it, and uses it to train us, to grow us, and to show Himself strong.  He is such a wonderful and amazing      Father!!  J


            You may listen to Pastor Scott Olin’s encouraging sermon here: click on     “sermons” then on “Raising A David”


Back to my God-story…


At the time this “adventure” began, I was still bound by fear, very timid and easily intimidated by anything that moved! Ha!!  God used this situation to PUSH me to the FRONT and give me BOLDNESS that I didn’t think was possible, and it definitely was NOT in my plans!!


I found my timid little self having to face GIANTS in the medical field, to fight for my husband, and see to it that he got the care that he needed. Without a SPECIAL-GRACE and WISDOM OF GOD, this wonderful, loving godly-man would have lived the last thirty years of his life in a mental institution, strapped to a chair and drugged to be “easily managed” – with no life at all … BUT GOD!!


But God… had a better plan!! God protected my husband, directed our steps every day, and restored him to a life filled with His peace, and people who loved him. 


Again, I had no clue of what needed to be done, how to do it – or even understanding of his illness (nor did anyone else in our life)… but I have a Heavenly Father who knows it all! And always has wisdom and direction to give – no matter what it is that we face!!


Whatever life brings your way – there is NOTHING that God has not ALREADY SEEN and already MADE PROVISION for!!  James 1:5 says… “If you lack wisdom in any area – ASK!!!...”


Where ever you find yourself today, whatever the question, whatever the need – your heavenly Father has a plan, and He will unfold His will in front of you. God WILL give you THE GRACE that you need to get through “today” … every day!!


My Heavenly Father is a God who loves His children ~ and never leaves us alone! He has walked me through every day of my life. I was a “needy kid” a “fear-ruled teen” and walked through many un-expected challenges in life – and I am here to report… HE NEVER FAILS!!  He will be EVERYTHING that you need “today”… every day!


Thank you for allowing me to share the goodness of God, in my life with you. I would be happy to pray with you, if you’d like to email me here:



Jeanene – still leaning on Jesus ~ and loving Him!


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