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God cares about The Little Things!



Helv.jpgI have one on God's goodness that happened to me when I was still in grade school and how the littlest things still matter to Him.


I was in the 8th grade and about to graduate to high school.  My grades were low and the teachers were thinking of holding me back and not let me graduate with my classmates. In order to graduate the 8th grade I had to write a paper for extra credit and this paper was the sole factor if I was to be held back or to graduate.  Me being me, I waited until the last possible moment to start writing this essay.  The essay needed to be turned in to the teacher the next morning.   Writing was had for me and I couldn't find the words to get started.  I had stayed up long past the time everyone went to bed working on this essay.


I started praying to God to help me find the words I needed to complete this paper and move on with my classmates.  In the midnight hour I had a feeling of someone standing behind me.  I kept looking over my shoulder thinking to see my brother or sister and no one was there.  It was a good feeling nothing scary and the words just flood onto the paper.


I remember thinking to myself, "where I'm I getting all these words, this is not me, this knowledge is not mine."  I knew then and there that God had answered my prayer for help on the littlest thing, (a big thing for me at the time).  I some time wish I had kept that essay.



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