My name is Gilda.  I am a child of the King.  I have been reunited with my Heavenly Father since 1978.

 I was raised in a Home where we went to church and believed in God. Going to church was not an option, it was something we did and never said, "I don't feel like going to church today". We knew better.

 I have been singing in church since I was 13 and was first saved in 1947.   I must admit, I have strayed several times.  I was not a bad person, I didnít drink or do drugs, but I was lost just the same.

  At the age of 16, I started singing in a Country Music Band with Mama's permission. (she knew the man in charge)   As time went on I was distracted from the Lord.  Although it was something I had always wanted to do, after a while I was not very happy.  I was singing with big name Country Music Stars, we were on show dates every weekend just about, but there was always something missing. I had two radio shows each week and was never bored but not completely happy. I sang for several years.

 I finally felt it necessary to stop singing and renew my relationship with the Lord.  I did and went back to college.  I decided to start my own business and in 1967 opened Alamance Driver's School.  I taught Driverís Education for 32 years.  I also opened Gilda's Beauty Box.  I was a hairdresser for 10 years. I loved to work and to stay busy.. I also had a Bookkeeping / Income Tax service for 30 years. (I stayed busy).

 I was also a Counselor/Psychologist for 11 years, and worked Suicide/Rape Crisis for 10 years.

  In 1978, I had the urge to start singing again and formed a Country Band.  The lead singer and I decided to perform any place except no bars or where there was drinking.  I guess I tried to justify myself, and we always had a gospel segment in the program thinking that would help too.  We did concerts and Benefits fund raiser events for the MDA and MG (Myasthenia Gravis Foundation), which is the muscle disease that I have had since 1953, when I was in college.  I never let it stop me from achieving my goals in life.  It has been rough to say the least but with the help of the lord I have had a great life.  I have never been a quitter. My Papa told me I could do anything I wanted to do if I set my mind to it and I believed him.

 Mama use to go with me everywhere until Papa got too sick to be left alone.  In 1980 Papa passed away, and my Mama started going with me again on our show dates.  One night I will never forget it as I was on stage singing, I looked at Mama and my heart broke she looked so sad.   I thought to myself, "How can you be so unfeeling as to bring her here when her heart is breaking" and told the singers I was going off stage and I never went back on.

 I broke the band up and sold all of the equipment and devoted all of my time to my mama.  She was my life; she has been with me through all of my sickness.  I have been in the hospital over 150 times since 1953 when I was in College and she has been right by me all the way.  The Doctors have given me up to die at least four times, called the family in saying I probably would not make it until they got there, but thank the lord for a praying family.  (I have a lot more details in my story about this) She was the most wonderful Mama in the world. I have written several poems about her.   She passed away in 1981 (I have a lot more to say about her in my short story which will be on my web page soon).  Back to 1978:  I renewed my vows with the lord and decided to be faithful to Him this time.  At last I was happy.  It has been rough but I can say that the Lord has been with me every step of the way.  (I have a lengthy testimony and will have it on my web site shortly.  I invite you to read it.)

 I have a lot of physical problems, but I am able to manage each day on a one day at a time basis. (With God's help) I would not want to live with out the Lord by my side. I could not!!!! I just want to serve the Lord and let Jesus be seen in me.  I know that I am nothing on my own, but I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

 I have been writing poetry ever since I was a child. It is a gift from God.  I have many gifts that He has given to me.  I love to play the piano, Accordion, guitar and Organ.  I just love music. God has given me talent, (not bragging on myself) but bragging on the Lord. I have many poems on my website and invite you to view them.   I hope when I go be with the Lord that my life will count for something and in some way that I have witnessed to someone through my poems.

 The last time I talked with the lord, I said "Lord, I do not want anything this time."  I had always come to Him when I was in need or hurting, but this time I just wanted to talk to Him and give Him praise.  I wanted Him to live in every part of me and to cleanse all of my body and let my will be His will.  I wanted to give my heart to Him and do His will.  I felt like this was the time to do this. When I felt His peace come into my heart it was a feeling like I have never felt.  I knew that Jesus Christ lived in me now, that I represented Jesus and what I did revealed my Lord. I have failed Him many times but I have never wanted to walk away from Him again.

 May the Lord bless you as you read my lines

and may He ever be by your side,

be honest, faithful true and kind

and in your heart let Him reside.

Thank you for an opportunity to tell you a little about what and myself the Lord has done for me. Everything I have accomplished in my life was possible only by the Grace of God and His mercy. I did not deserve anything good but He gave me so much.

 Love and prayers,

Gilda AKA/ Coffee2 (Now resting in the arms of Jesus)


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