Usually when people give their testimonies they start by giving their names.  "My name is Ö etc., etc., etc."  Iím a non conventional person so let me start off with a little story.

Many years ago there was a girl (me) walking down the streets of Montreal.  She was very much of a party person.  Actually, she was really running from abusive issues in her home.  The appropriate metaphor for this sounds something like:  There was an elephant in the living room and everyone walked around it, pretending that it did not exist.  (the elephant represents my mentally ill father).

As this young girl kept walking, she was complaining to herself saying, "I am so sick of this life!  There must be something better.  Partying is not the answer."  As she spoke to herself, she noticed a church across the street.  Since she felt drawn to it, she proceeded follow her mind and entered into the building.

The teenager was met with an awesome sight.  The sanctuary was round! This was something she had never seen.  The altar was in the middle and was occupied by a huge cross holding a crucified Christ.  She proceeded to approach the altar and knelt while keeping her eyes on the cross.

 A few moments later, the girl felt a deep heartfelt pain.  Somehow she knew that Jesus Christ had given up His life for her.  Tears started to trickle down her face as she spoke.  "Oh Jesus, I know that You died for me.  Please come into my heart, please forgive me for all the wrong things Iíve done.  Help me to start over again.  Iím just asking You one thing.  Let me experience everything.  Donít let me learn from someone elseís experiences."

It wasnít until two or three years later that this girl (me) found out that other people also gave their hearts to the Lord.  It wasnít until two or three years later that this girl found out that there was such a word as ĎSAVEDí.

Minister Francine Stuart


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