God does Still Answer Prayer!!



dianne.jpgDianne’s child-hood dream was to be a nurse, and take care of the elderly. Her compassion and genuine love is a beautiful reflection of God’s love. Dianne shares the goodness of God, His provision and the supernatural work He has done in her life – to bring her into “purpose”.


In April, I applied for scholarships, expecting to hear if I received one by June. I am in the final stretch of the RN Program, and was running out of money. So when I did not hear anything by June, I thought I had not received any scholarships, and was worried about how to pay for college.


But at the end of August, I received word that I got an $1800 scholarship. That's cool... but then I heard September 17th that I also received a fellowship worth over $10,000!! Now that is more than cool, that is awesome! I don't have to worry at all this academic year, I'm covered...because God has my back.  J



Chapter Two:


So, I accepted a job (as a nurse, a whole other praise report) in January, but told them I only wanted on-call because of school. Then I decided to stop school for a while and just work. But they had no official positions open for me. So after my orientation days, I didn't get any work. I told my boss one day that if I didn't get any hours soon I would have to go somewhere else. She said she didn't want me to leave, so she would see what she could do. They started having me come in to be the "catch all nurse" and I worked hard.


 Hubby and I sat and prayed the week before last for a full-time position to open up that was day shift and where I could have Sundays off. Yesterday, my boss came and asked me to go to the conference room so she could talk to me. When I finally made it down there, I opened the door to ALL the managers...I wondered if I had done something wrong and was getting fired! I sat down, and they began to explain a new "position" and asked me what I thought. I gave my two-cents worth, then they said, "We think you are the one for the job!" Hours are 9 AM to 6 PM, just as I prayed for. When the Executive Director came in, the bosses presented the position to her for budget approval. She asked them "What if some of the RN's who have been here a while start complaining they want that position?" My boss looked at her and said "We'll tell them we want someone efficient for the job, and Dianne's the one!"


So let me summarize: I wanted full-time position that would allow me to spend time with my daughter in the evenings, and I wanted Sundays off. God "created" a position for me that did not even exist before! And the position was even better than what I was thinking! I love Jeremiah 29:11- God knows the plans He has for me..." and they are better than what I can dream. So word of encouragement- Dream Big, and allow God to direct your steps...and work hard! I am right where I'm supposed to be, and love my job as a geriatric nurse.