I began knowing about The Lord at a very early age, five to be exact. As I grew I had the privilege of going to Good News Bible Clubs after school. The flannel graph and songs were always inspiriting. I still recall one of the songs from those days:


ďBeing my heart was black by sin, until the Saviour came in.


His precious blood I know, He washed it white as snow.


And in His Word Iím told, Iíll walk the streets of gold,


Oh wonderful wonderful day, He took my sins away.Ē



There was much I had to learn, and even more I didnít understand, but was confident even then, that He was working and planning my life.


I didnít always serve the Lord, and knew many struggles; but this I know: God has never failed me once!


I am thankful that He chose me to be His son.


David Whittaker



~ A Taste Of Glory ~


I got a taste of Glory

As each note with care I played

The songs would tell a story

How on Christ, my sin was laid.

Those times when I was lonely

And had no place to turn

My hope was in Him only

And at His feet I'd learn, that

Shadows come as part of life

I'd rather this not be

For shadows often made me cry

And I would not be free.

But in the shadows He was there

Just as He said He'd be

To let me know how much He cared

And was waiting just for me.

To lead me to a higher place

A place prepared for me

Where I'll forever see His face

Where I will e'er be free.


David L. Whittaker-

 March 2001