Cheyerl, in Florida Tells of God's Protection and His Plan.


I pray this testimony will touch someone out there that is in a bad relationship.


When I was 18 I married a man whom I thought I loved after dating him for 2 years.  Within the first year I caught him with another women.  Well because I believe in the Wedding Vows, I did not leave him.  He continued this bad behavior with 5 more women within my 17 years of marriage.  And of course because of this we had arguments, which turned out almost deadly for me.  He attempted to kill me several times and it did not matter if the children were around.  So for 17 years I lived in a relationship full of sexual, mental, physical and emotional abuse.  It was so bad I was keeping a diary and sending a copy to my mother in case I showed up dead some day, which I was sure was going to happen. 


Yes, there were many days of deep depression with me and I wanted to die.  But my dear Mother always told me to “Just hang on, the Lord has a plan for you”.  I did not understand that other than the plan was to be dead.  Then one day we moved to Florida and within a few months he was gone to California to get a job due to the lack of employment in Florida.  So he left me and our children in Florida.  Then in 2 months I received a phone call from another family member informing me that he had another girlfriend out in California.  Well the light bulb turned on.  This was my chance to get away from him because he was 2,500 miles away from me and could not hurt me as easy.  I could not end it before because I knew he would kill me.  So I ended our marriage.  I was able to do that by a God sent attorney that took my case as a Pro-Bono Case (no charge)  after I was turned away by countless others, but I did not give up.  It was not easy since I had no money, not even any money to feed the children because from day one he refused to send any money and I had not been here long enough to have a job.  I honestly had less than $50.00 in the bank the day he left.


I had to turn to the government and do little jobs to make ends meet and I did it.  I had 3 mouths to feed, rent and utilities to pay and any other expenses my children had.  I had no family or friends that could help; we did not know anybody when we moved to Florida. I was lonely and scared. 


Out of loneliness, I placed a personal ad in the local paper and after 13 responses I found the Lord's plan for me.  I met the most wonderful man that treats me with 200% respect.  After 17 years of torture, finding a husband was the last thing on my mind; I just wanted a friend.  


Bill was raised Catholic and I was raised in the Church Of God.  We compromised and found a Non-Denominational Church where we attend together.  Well after 13 years together he started to desire a closer walk with the Lord.  He has given his heart to the Lord and has been Baptized like the Lord commands us to. We are even involved in a Bible Study Group that meets EVERY Tuesday and we both look forward to it.   So now not only do I have a sweet man but also I have a GOOD Christian Husband.  So the Lord's plan for me was -  for me to be dumped in Florida so I could find my wonderful Husband. 


I Thank The Lord for my life, for now I have a beautiful one!  I had nobody to lean on but our Lord and that is what I needed to learn to do. This part of my life has  helped me grow  tremendously spiritually.  I am now closer to the Lord than I have ever been in my life.


When you feel there is no hope, it is only a prayer away.





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