David Walker, "His Biker" from Alabama shares from life experience,

the hard times - and the victorious times.



 I was born in Natchez Mississippi and raised in a town just outside of Tupelo called Shannon. My dad had his own trucking company and we moved to Alabama in 1976 when he won a contract with Revere Steel. About this same time the biker was born too. ;)

I left Alabama (gladly) at 16 (1978) and went to work with a company that ad a "permanent" Dept. Of Defense Contract. I couldn't do the 'real work' until I was 18 and could get a clearance. When I did get the clearance I saw 18 countries in 5 years and was certified as an instructor in 'controlled demolition" (another oxymoron) and small weapons specialist.

In '85 the owner of that company was indicted so that ended that contract and I went to work for a Child-Find Shadow Group out of Huntington Beach Ca. leading teams into Mexico to raid child porn and black market adoption compounds. We returned 17 kids and accounted for 36 others. The one we were looking for, Laura Bradbury, we never found. The project got shut down by the State of California and 'asked' us to leave the state.


My ex-boss got me a job at Heritage USA to babysit Jim & Tammy Bakker as they were dumping the PTL Ministry and running to the hills. After that I was in Atlanta babysitting Charles Stanley at "Ft. God" (aka First Baptist Atlanta).

Keep in mind, this was before I was a Christian, but that is why they hired me. I wasn't hired for my political correctness, to say the least. They all knew I was an addict and a drunk, and didn't care. I was good at what I did, and that was stronger to them than my attitude, lifestyle, and habits. They knew I had no "religious problems" with blowing someone away. Our Uncle Sam had trained me in several layers on how to blow them up and or away.

In 1987 the job ended with me being arrested for almost beating someone to death after they hit me with a lamp. They were doing a lot of cocaine and booze that night ( we all had ) and one person started bleeding through their nose badly ( cocaine does that ) and I flushed all of their cocaine. When I did that, that person went off and caught me blind-sided with a mahogany lamp. Reflex, training, and anger kicked in at the same time and with a Jack Daniels booster I almost beat them to death.

What Satan meant to finish me off God saw as a new beginning. I found out at a place called Reidsville (GA) that I had been in prison a long time before they arrested me and was set free while in Georgia State Prison at Reidsville. January 3rd, 1992 I came to my knees and my Savior and from that point forward have been much like the new man that Paul was. Saul went to his knees and Paul came to be. Dirty Dan died and Daniel came to be. God is good!!

I don't share all of my testimony with many people; I pray that what Jesus has done for me will be an encouragement to you.


God bless you,



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