Betty Hadden, of Oregon

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God honors the Authority He gave us, in Jesus' Name




betty4.jpgThis morning I was impressed by the Lord to transcribe a tongue and interpretation He'd given us on the 21st.


After finishing the transcription of the document, I went to print it.  Upon selecting the appropriate buttons, I was advised that the printer was unable to communicate with the computer or vice versa.


I knew in my spirit that this was another challenge by the enemy.  These kinds of things happened quite frequently in the past, so his doing this again did not surprise me.


I started taking appropriate action by exercising my authority over him reminding God of His Word as well as speaking the Word of God which gives me that authority including binding and loosing him from his attack against me, my computer, and my printer.


I continued to do this and was completely led by the Spirit of God (my Helper) to click on the appropriate buttons which showed me that "somehow" the printer was Offline.  Again, completely led by the Holy Spirit (because I have no natural knowledge of how to pursue this!), He led me to do certain things that showed my printer Online again.


This prompted another box advising me of another negative report.  I continued with the exercising of my authority over the enemy and turned the computer off, again continually speaking aloud what the Scriptures say about my authority in this situation. 


After turning on the computer again, the printing started. 


I don't usually write down the multitudes of times exercising my authority has brought me victory, but because of a request from Jeanene for victorious reports, I did it this time.  Praise God for His continued miraculous intervention on our behalf!


Betty Hadden-