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God Gave Me a Miracle

Barton Kilgore, Washington

Kilgore.jpgA reprieve from severe injury or death is certainly a miracle.We are, as a whole, in the family of God, very interested in miracles.So when I walk away from an incident with very minor scrapes and bruises, there is cause for great rejoicing and praise to our Heavenly Father.

Recently, while falling a large hardwood tree on steep ground, I fell a large maple tree that apparently drafted a standing dry snag, causing it to fall directly over my head.Had my partner not heard the breaking of the wood at the base of the snag and screamed at me, I would not have turned just in time to throw up my right forearm and deflect the tree.As the snag came down my elbow and right hip, I was thrown down and away, narrowly missing the crushing full weight of the snag.†† My minor injuries included some skin off my elbow and a mildly bruised hip.

35 years ago, I was hit from behind by a tree.My back and neck were broken.As a result of the injuries, I spent 10 weeks in the hospital, five weeks in a body cast, nine months off work, and many years of pain.

Remembering the accident 35 years before, it is a miracle that I was able to walk away from this recent incident, to pick up my saw, and to be able to finish the day cutting more trees.I am so very glad to be alive, to be able to praise God, and to acknowledge a life filled with Godís great miracles!


Barton Kilgore