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White's Tree Frogs

(Litoria Caerulea)


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    Who are you?
    An avid herpetoculturist

    Is that a scientist?
    No. A herpetologist is someone who has attained a college degree in reptiles and amphibians. Any person who chooses to devote their time to herps and develops a large information base in a myriad of species is a herpetoculurist. Basically, if you break down this word it means " Someone who actively participates in the keeping and breeding of reptiles and amphibians ".

    Where can I find other herpetoculturists? is where most of them who use the internet hang out. There are literally hundreds of people anxiously answering questions and sharing advise on a daily basis. Follow the link to the forum of your choice.

    Where did you learn about herps?
    I volunteered at a zoo for many of my growing years. Working with a diversity of animals helped me to gain information, and later on aquire the species I wanted to personally keep.

    If you are ever in Mid-Coast Maine, check out the Acadia Zoological Park.

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    This site is still, after several years, under construction. Please bear with me...


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    All images are strictly copywritten. Do not borrow text nor images from this site. All images are my work and solely for original value to this site, exluding the walking frogs which were generously lent to me from by written permision.
    Last revised: April 18, 2002.