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The Robbie Carrico Network

This page is created by Megan & Grace and we are Robbie Carrico's biggest fans. He is one of the four singers that makes up the group Boyz N Girlz United. They are one of our favorite groups and they are going to make it big very soon.

News: Unfortunately I must annouce that Boyz N Girlz United has officially broken up. They didn't end the group because of differences or conflicts within the group. They felt that their management was not supporting and promoting them sufficiently enough. There is some good news however, Robbie has joined a new group called B-Factor. I don't know much about them, but I can refer you to two of my girls' clubs for more info. Kristen at B-Factor club and Stephanie's club: "Love Like This"

Updates!: 04-08-01 I have decided not to continue this site with Robbie being a part of B-Factor. I will leave the site up as a rememberance of the days of BnG and so everyone can see the original Robbie Carrico fanpage. Please feel free to email me, but I will not be checking frequently. To see the most recent updates before BnG split please GO HERE! Thanks again to all the fans that visited the site. Peace Out. ~ Megan


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