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Welcome to my poetry page. This is a work in progress and I am adding poems and making changes when I get the chance. I also have links to some things I like, favorite authors, cool music pages and other stuff. Check them out! You can chat to me directly by clicking the Contact Me Live button below....pretty cool I thought, give it a try :) You can also send me email by clicking the little mailbox under my picture at the bottom of the screen. PLEASE SIGN MY GUESTBOOK! :) even to just say hello :) Thanks for reading :)

(if it says Status: Offline, it will send me an email and I will reply :)

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MY NOT QUITE DAILY JOURNAL -Today is my birthday :) !


For Mom (2001)
Devastated (2001)
Somehow (2001)
Statistics (2001)
Wendi (2001)

Arizona (2000)
Untitled Emotion (2000)
ICU (2000)
BC (2000)

Woodstock Is Burning (1999)
No Fear of Flying (The Xanax poem) (1999)

...details... (1997)
Midas Touch (1997)
I. Listening to an August Nite (1997)
II. Listening to an August Nite (1997)

Obsession (1996)

How To Be A RealWoman (1995)
What IS A RealWoman?

Till Words Do Us Part (1990)
Wondering Edge (1990)

My Favorite Links (subject to change... stay tuned!)

Diva - Grrreat grrrl site :) I am featured as the Pop Up Poet here under femail > focus :) I have 2 poems here too. You can send free postcards and get free email here :)

iNsTaNt MojO - a page I made for my friend Ed's cool African American poetry & short story

Reckless Ginger - Local rock/funk/blues band, they rawk! <--------NEW STUFF :D

Tangled In Hope - This is my friend Joanie's page, promoting her debut cd of the same name. Check out her mp3 "Lost" It's really great!

Patty Griffin - She's an INCREDIBLE SINGER! She was on tour with Emmylou Harris earlier this year. Originally from Old Town, Maine :)

VRIN - This is my friend John's page for his sci-fi/fantasy novel and short story)

EVERCLEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -They were awesome

My details...