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Parkman TrailBlazers Online Welcome to the Parkman TrailBlazers' website!

December 2012: Welcome to the Parkman Trailblazer Website. We are excited about the new snowmobile season 2012-13. The fields are staked and the Tucker SnoCat is receiving the final touches needed for another season. After last year's miserable snowfall we are all hopeful that this year will be the season everyone has been talking about. Stay tuned for trail updates scheduled to start next week. 12/25/12 rjm
Membership has been dropping over the years and the support of riders is badly needed. It costs $25 to join our club and support our trail system. ($40 for Business memberships.) With costs of everything rising (registration, gas, oil, parts) we continue to hold our membership rates the same levels over the past 10 years. Even if you're already a member of one club, you can join ours, too. (we don't mind at all.) There are a lot of perks, like being included on the club ride, hangin' with other TrailBlazers, grooming (or not- whatever- we understand.) Email the our trailmaster with any questions about trails or membership at
Our club meets on the second Sunday of every month at 6:00 p.m. Click on the trail map below for directions to the location of the meeting.
Now you can join our club (or any club, for that matter) online. Just click on the Maine Snowmobile Association link below.



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