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Predictions for Book Five

Here is a list of the predictions I made regarding events in the fifth book in the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. I have now gone through them after having read the book, and noted whether each prediction did or did not come true. Thus, YOU SHOULD NOT READ ANY FURTHER UNLESS YOU HAVE FINISHED HARRY POTTER AND THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX! That settled, a * means the prediction was correct, an X means it did not. After each prediction, I will add a brief analysis in italics if I deem it necessary. Overall, my record wasn't terrible: 23 right versus 21 wrong, with 3 remaining undetermined. We'll see if I can improve with practise once the next book comes out. Anyway, enjoy!

In Regards to Evil:

Lord Voldemort has returned. And I think he'll be out there at least until the end of book 7 (although I think at that point he will be defeated, because J. K. Rowling seems pretty content about ending it there, and she doesn't seem like the kind of person to leave us hanging and worried about Harry and the wizarding world.) On the other hand, in regards to the wider struggle between good and evil, beyond specific people like Voldemort, I don't think we can expect her to give us a simple good wins overall the end type of finish. More likely, I think, will be that although individuals vanish (like Voldemort and, I'm afraid, probably Dumbledore) the battle still goes on ad infinitum with a ever-changing cast of characters. This is a theme already hinted at by the parallels between Harry's friends at school and those of his father and other such similarities, and maybe even with Dumbledore's briefly mentioned defeat of the evil wizard Grindelwald.
So far this has borne out. Voldemort was not defeated in book five, but neither has evil won out, and we have been shown a weak point by which Voldemort can ultimately fall.

Voldemort will be even more angry at Harry, seeing as he escaped murder at the hands of Voldemort once again.
Yup. Hopping mad, he was.

Since the Dark Lord has returned in full strength, the all out battle between good and evil will resume where it left off thirteen years ago. This means that once again the Death Eaters will be wreaking havoc and causing deaths. I think we will see the death of the family of at least one Hogwarts student, if not that of another Hogwarts student themselves.
Although I could kind of claim this with the death of Sirius, who is like family to Harry, who IS a Hogwarts student, this isn't quite what I meant with the prediction. I did not expect Voldemort to lie low and avoid murders. Only, it seems, Broderick Bode and Sirius Black fell prey to his plots.

Wormtail's new hand will play a rather large role (perhaps even influence the title... Harry Potter and the Silver Hand?). I think it will have some pretty neat magical properties we'll find out about.
Too bad! Would've been cool. I can't believe she didn't mention it at all...

I think we'll be seeing a lot of at least two Death Eaters, Nott and MacNair, both of whom were mentioned briefly in previous books before we saw them in Voldemort's circle.
We sure did. Macnair served as envoy to the giants for Voldemort, and both were in the Department of Mysteries battling Harry and Co.

I know it sounds corny, but Draco and Harry WILL work together to defeat an evil, probably Voldemort. This is an inevitability. They will probably emerge from it, while still not the greatest of friends, at least with less enmity. However, this will not happen in book 5. Either it will happen as a great touching moment in book 7, as Voldemort is cast out once sand for all, or it will happen in book 6 and then Harry and Draco will return to unfriendship, although Harry will gain perhaps a greater appreciation for some of Draco's hardships that we will find out about. (Rowling has apparently all but denied that this will happen. We shall see...)
Well, in that I predicted this wouldn't happen in book 5, I was correct. We shall see if I'm right that it will happen later.

Eventually, maybe in the first summer of book 6, the Dursleys will be threatened by Voldemort, but they will be saved by Harry. They will still not fully accept his "strangeness" but they will lighten up on him considerably.
This didn't happen in book five, but as I didn't predict it until book six, I guess we'll leave it a blank for now. However, Harry did rescue Dudley from the dementors. This didn't cause them to lighten up on him, but maybe they will now after the threats from the Order upon Harry's arrival at King's Cross at the end of term.


Hogwarts will certainly be at least slightly different this upcoming year. Changes could range from the ones we know about--there will be a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher--all the way to Hogwarts being shut down entirely (although I sincerely sincerely doubt this will happen). Let's start small:

Defense Against the Dark Arts: It's quite possible that an entirely new character will be introduced for the part again. However, let's not rule out entirely the people we already know. Lupin and Mad Eye Moody are definitely welcome possibilities, although both will probably be employed in capturing Death Eaters or other areas of the larger fight. My guess is someone we have already met, but don't know too much about. Most likely: Mrs. Figg, who will turn out to be Arabella Figg. Rowling has promised a female DADA teacher, and she would be just the one! I can already picture the look on Harry's face as he spots his old neighbor and babysitter at the Hogwarts staff table. :) Also, this just in! According to, the new DADA professor will have "a personality like poisoned honey." Hmmmm, very interesting indeed! (I don't think Snape will get his prized spot until maybe the final book. Besides, he'll probably be off spying as a double agent in Voldemort's camp, which means we need a new teacher for
Well, it wasn't Mrs. Figg, which was my guess for the spot, although Harry did find out that she had an involvement in the wizarding world he never even guessed at.

Potions: This is potentially a very happy change for Harry and Co., who might get a chance to actually enjoy the class. Especially poor Neville. Once again, newcomers to the books are entirely possible, but of those we know, Fleur Delacour mentioned a desire to "get a job 'ere" to improve her English. Also, if Snape leaves, Hogwarts will need a new Slytherin Head of House. I wonder if it would go to the new Potions Master, or another teacher who's been with the school for a while: Maybe someone we haven't heard too much about; Sinistra sounds just about perfect. Or maybe Hagrid! Ha. No, he'll probably be pretty busy too. Ah, well, that'd be glorious...
Well, I was quite clearly wrong that a new Potions Professor would be needed. Too bad for Harry...

Headmaster: As one of the wonderful few who actually reads these pages and responds with their own opinions, much to my delight, pointed out to me recently, it looks very likely that Fudge will at least try to remove Dumbledore as Headmaster. His parting words as he stormed off the school grounds were, after all, "I don't know what you and your staff are playing at, Dumbledore, but I have heard enough. I have no more to add. I will be in touch with you tomorrow, Dumbledore, about the running of this school. I must return to the Ministry." This would create both wild support and anger from various parents, but I suppose Fudge probably has the authorization, and people like Malfoy have the means of overcoming any opposition if necessary. If Dumbledore was removed, the obvious next in line would be McGonagall, who already acted as Headmaster once in Dumbledore's absence. I wonder if she would remain Head of Gryffindor if she became Headmistress. Or keep teaching. It would certainly make things a lot different. Which I think they're bound to become as Voldemort returns, and the sense of stability that has built up in his thirteen year absence begins to crumble.
Well, I was right in the bulk of it, that Dumbledore would, at least temporarily, be forced out of the position of Headmaster by Fudge. It didn't fall to McGonagall, of course. But she was too loyal to Dumbledore for Fudge to let that happen.

The Order of the Pheonix

This is J. K. Rowling's working title for book five, according to several interviews. Of course it could change before publishing (especially if it's going to be a whole nother year before it comes out, as the rumors have been going) but it does provide yet another window of speculation on the contents of the upcoming sequel.

As for what the order itself is, I haven't come across any theories as yet. (If you have, or if you have any of your own, feel free to let me know at The best guess I've some up with is that this is the name of the "old crowd" Dumbledore mentions, which contains Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black. If it isn't already their name, perhaps it will become the name of those who join Dumbledore's side of the battle against Voldemort. Everything about the central struggle between good and evil, Harry and Voldemort, seems to involve phoenix in general, and particularly Fawkes, who I guess we will see even more of in the next book. Fawkes may also have some connection to the Sorting Hat, since he carried it to Harry in the Chamber of Secrets, and J. K. Rowling has said that we're due to find out about what the Sorting Hat does between Sortings... Interesting...
Ding ding ding! Of course, this was pretty obvious, but there were some counter-theories to this, so it wasn't quite a given. And it did seem to be based on Fawkes, who provided warnings and messages for the group. We did not, unfortunately, find out what the Sorting Hat does between Sortings, although we did discover that it sometimes gives advice.

As for the old crowd's involvement in the next book, specifically how their activities, which will probably be mostly out of Harry's presense and key in the struggle, will be tied into the books, especially if Dumbledore isn't at Hogwarts, well, naturally I have a couple of theories of my own. It's possible that J. K. Rowling will shift the focus between Harry and the old crowd as necessary, but in the past four books she's kept almost entirely to things Harry witnessed himself or was told of by his friends. Even the episode between the gardener and Voldemort at the start of book four was in Harry's dream. So I think it more likely that we'll get much of our information on the doings of the old crowd through correspondance between Harry and Sirius, with maybe even an entire chapter or so written in letter form about what's going on outside Hogwarts.
I'm going to give myself this one, even though there wasn't much actual correspondence between Harry and Sirius, because there was some, and because the main point was I thought the book would stay with Harry, and that we would know of the doings of the Order only as he did.


Cedric's dad, still grieving the loss of his son, may become a pawn of Voldemort. This seems likely based on his personality, and would explain the amount of time spent on him in book four. (Suggested by Jagon, thanks!)
Not yet, at least, and I think if this was going to happen it would have started in book five, soon after Cedric's death. But it's still a possibility.

We will find out the reason behind Professor McGonagall's distrust for Divination.
Not really specifically. This, too, might still occur.

Some of these facts will factor largely: Dumbledore defeated Grindelwald in 1945 and discovered the twelve uses of dragon's blood.

Sirius may show up at the Dursleys! How? Harry might be getting a pet dog!
Wrong again.

Neville will tell his friends about his parents, and he will prove that he has the courage to be in Gryffindor in a big way.
Well, he didn't tell them in any way he would have chosen, but they did find out, and Neville certainly proved himself worthy of Gryffindor.

Harry might visit the Weasleys for Christmas, the first one he will have spent away from Hogwarts.
Yup yup yup. Of course, he didn't spend it at the Burrow, but he was intending to, and he did spend Christmas with the Weasleys.

X and *
Harry will be the new Quidditch captain now that Wood is gone. Eventually, Ron will be on the Quidditch team.
Harry wasn't captain, although he might be next year if it doesn't fall to Katie Bell, the only remaining player from Harry's original Quidditch team. But Ron did join the team.

Winky and Dobby may return to held fight the Death Eaters they used to serve.
I considered taking this one, but they didn't really fight their old masters, which is where I was going. They still might, of course. And Dobby did return to help Harry in his battle against Voldemort by telling him about the Room of Requirement.

As Dumbledore hinted, the time may come when Harry is glad he saved Wormtail's life, especially now that Wormtail has extra power and a place close by Voldemort. The power of the protection of saving a life has already been seen with Lily Potter, and it may be re-emphasized soon.
This has not happened yet, but I am positive it will before the series is done. When has Dumbledore ever been wrong?

Harry will be forced to stay at the Dursleys all summer. Since Voldemort has overcome his inability to touch Harry, the rest of the barriers protecting him will have to be enforced even more greatly. And we heard it mentioned in book 4 that Harry is protected when in the care of his relatives. Sirius is not actually a relative, so unfortunately I don't think Harry will be staying with him. Harry's only hope for escape is to spend some of the time with Dumbledore, who I think will be plenty busy this summer.
Well, Harry did manage to find a way to escape the Dursleys for a bit, but the importance of his time at the Dursleys was re-emphasized. And he DID get to live with Sirius!

The Dursleys' behavior toward Harry is a bit of a mystery. J. K. Rowling can do just about anything here. But I suspect it will be pretty much the same. They'll still hate him, but be too afraid to punish him too much because of Sirius. I wonder if they will allow themselves to find out that Voldemort is in search of Harry.... Perhaps Dumbledore will try to warn them, but I'm sure they won't want to listen.
I'd say this is a pretty accurate description of the situation. They still hate him, don't punish him too much, but make life miserable all the same. And Petunia finds out Voldemort is back.

Ron and Hermione may or may not come to terms with the fact that they like each other, but I think J. K. Rowling hinted at the fact pretty heavily and that we will eventually see the inevitable occur.
You may wonder why I'm giving this to myself as a right answer. Although the Ron-Hermione hints were toned down a bit (and we even saw, if mine eyes did not deceive me, son Ron-Luna ones) they were still present, and it will happen at some point, even if it does not last.

My coach and I have a bet going about the Potter-Granger-Weasley love situation. Whereas I say that Hermione and Ron are an inevitable couple, my Coach says that that's just a smokescreen for the true inevitable couple, Hermione and Harry. Well, you know what my vote is... But something is bound to come of it, as horomones seem to be building at Hogwarts. Especially if Hermione becomes more concerned about her looks and starts using Sleekeazy Hair Potion daily... (Which would be an accurate reflection of the unfortunate societal trend to eliminate curly hair whenever possible.)
Yay! I'm pleased to say that Hermione made no silly attempts to change herself, which bolstered my opinion of her considerably. And I don't think it's going to happen in the future, either!

Cho Chang will probably get over Cedric enough to date Harry, because if she starts seeing someone else J. K. Rowling will have a riot on her hands.
Right I was. I also predicted at the site below that they would date but that it would not work out, which is exactly what occurred.

(For more speculation and in-depth discussion of the romantic possibilities in the series, click here.)

Viktor, hmmmm. Well, I think that he and Hermione are definitely NOT suited. I mean, I don't begrudge her going to the ball with him. He obviously genuinely liked her and she did deserve someone who recognized she was a girl. But let's face it, he was at least three years older than her, and definitely not her type. I bet she'll go visit him during the summer, and send Ron and Harry owls, and Ron will get jealous and maybe wise up to the fact that they like each other, and start going out. Which will bewilder Harry a bit, I bet.
This isn't exactly what happened, although there's still the possibility Hermione's lengthy letters to her penpal in Bulgaria will bring Ron to the breaking point, as we saw hints of in this book.

Also, Krum, who after all is from Durmstrang, may show a leaning into the Dark Arts.
Hasn't yet.

1/2 a *
I think Madame Maxine will agree to go with Hagrid to the giants. Some of them will agree to help fight Voldemort, but the truly evil ones will refuse. Thus the giants will be split in their support. Hagrid, I predict, will find his mother. Whose side will she be on? I guess... evil.
I was on the right track here. The giants were split, although none came forward to support Dumbledore. And Hagrid didn't find his mother, but he was able to locate a baby brother.

Sirius will, of course, be in the midst of the action. His position as unknown and simply hiding will probably change. Either he will be found innocent and freed from hiding or, I think more likely, he will be discovered and forced to run for his life. This is more likely because I think that life will probably get harder in as many ways as possible for Harry as Voldemort returns, and Sirius' danger will definitely cause Harry more hardship than him being proved innocent.
Sirius' position stayed pretty much the same, thanks to Dumbledore's orders that he stay in the house and Kingsley Shacklebolt's thwarting of the hunt to find him. But Sirius actions did cause Harry a great deal of hardship in the end.

A character or two will seem to be working for one thing but will turn out to be totally different than he or she appears. This is no big newsflash, as it has happened in every book so far: Quirrel in book 1, Ginny in book 2, the animals in book 3, and Mad Eye in book 4. Of course who this will be we cannot guess, because it will be unexpected.
Surprisingly enough, this didn't really happen to the extent it has in the past four books. Pretty much everyone we though was good turned out good, and everyone we thought was bad turned out bad. Can anyone think of any exceptions? Maybe Rowling wanted to give this technique a rest, and this book seemed to be more of a straightforward, move the plot along and give us a bunch of information we've been waiting for all along sort of book, as opposed to an intricate story full of plot twists.

I expect the introduction of some really cool new characters. We saw no sign of our evil female, Icicle, in the fourth book, but she could still appear at any time, and I think evil characters will definitely begin appearing by the score in the upcoming books. We can at least count on some really cool names, which are one of J. K. Rowling's many specialties.
Yes on cool names, and we sure got an evil female, although her name wasn’t Icicle. And a bunch of new Death Eaters. And some cool names.

* and X
This is the year prefects are chosen! Hermione will obviously be one, although I doubt Harry or Ron will. They have too much history of mild troublemaking. If Hermione is made a prefect, I think it will start out making her regain a little of the concern for the rules that she has lost over the years, but that as the year goes on and danger stalks Hogwarts (as it always seems to do) she will lighten up again and her position will be an asset to Harry' and Ron's exploits.
Well, Hermione was, big surprise, but so was Ron, which I didn't really expect. Although I guess there weren't exactly too many other choices among th Gryffindor boys.

Cornelius Fudge will probably start out still in disbelief of Voldemort's return, but will eventually wise up as evil abounds. Here he will be faced with a choice of following Dumbledore's suggestions and leading the fight against Voldemort or cowering in his office trying to maintain his support by trying to pretend everything is all right. I predict the latter, leaving Dumbledore in charge of the battle. We might eventually see a new Minister of Magic, but I don't think this will happen in book 5.
Basically right. Fudge tries to deny each new sign of Voldemort's rise, and only truly admits he is back at the very end of the book.

Percy is now deprived of his idol, Mr. Crouch, who was killed by his son. I think he will be made head of the department. Just a personal opinion. This will mortify his brothers as his head swells even larger and he attempts to imitate his former employer as closely as possible. It's also possible that he will eventually marry Penelope Clearwater, his girlfriend.
The X is mainly a reprimand for not foreseeing, as one of my e-acquaintances did, Percy’s rejection of his family in favor of his ambition. No return of Penelope, either.

I wonder if Rita Skeeter will be brought back. Maybe she'll find a way to write helpful and informative articles. No, seriously!
Woah, there was an unexpected correct prediction if I ever saw one!

If Hagrid is back at the school and not working with the giants, he will probably have some new monster in the works. Perhaps some giants will make an appearance at Hogwarts.
Right again! Grawp it was, and we had the thestrals, which weren't totally monstrous, and Hagrid did tone down a bit, but still. I get the star for Grawp.


We will find out what Trelawney's first real prediction was.
Dead on.

There will be a new magical object or place we will find out about which will play a rather large role and may even be the title. I say this because it is what she has done with the last four books: the sorcerer's stone, the chamber of secrets, azkaban, and the goblet of fire.
Well, this was an ambiguous and obvious one, but still. We had the Room of Requirement, most obviously, although this played not part in the title. Then we had the Department of Mysteries, as well, and Number 12, Grimmauld Place.

I think class at Hogwarts, although it will of course be disrupted occasionally by the evil that will be breaking out across the wizarding world, will definitely continue for three more years, because J. K. Rowling has assured us "there will be seven books, one for each of Harry's years at Hogwarts." So the disruptions will not lead to the closing down of Hogwarts, although it may be threatened.
So far so good. And some very fun disruptions indeed, thanks to Weasley's Wizards Wheezes!

I bet we'll hear about some more of the other wizarding schools besides Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang.
Well, you can't win 'em all.

O.W.L.s this year! Of course Hermione will do wonderfully, although I wouldn't be surprised if J. K. Rowling decided to use them to show that Hermione isn't QUITE perfect. I bet Ron will do surprisingly well, at least get more than Fred and George. Maybe he'll even do better than Harry, which would be good for him, although I somehow doubt that will happen. They'll probably tie. In any case, the schoolwork load will definitely increase even more.
Their schoolwork load definitely increased, but they didn't get their results back yet so we won't know how they did for another year or so.

Plus, Fred and George will be taking their Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests (N.E.W.T.s) And I think we'll see an improvement over their dreadfully few O.W.L.s.
Couldn't have been more wrong, seeing as they didn't even take them.

*-ish I bet one of the ghosts will have an important role this book. Don't ask me why. And maybe one of the incoming first years. We will probably have a few Harry Fans among them, and I wouldn't be surprised if we meet a new Slytherin.
Well, we did have a conversation with Nearly-Headless Nick, but no hugely important ghost. That may still be coming in a future book. And we got to know Nott a bit, but not much. And no new Harry fans, really, seeing as they'd all been told he was a nutter all summer.

We may see more of the clock of Mrs. Weasley with one hand for each family member. And don't forget what's at the twelve o'clock spot: mortal peril.
We didn't see it, but Dumbledore did mention it, and just when Mr. Weasley's hand was likely at the twelve o'clock position.

I think the hole in our knowledge about Ravenclaw will be rectified in an upcoming book. It's really the house we know the least about in regards to ghost, students, and House Head. I think the Ravenclaw House, and especially the Grey Lady, will play a big part very soon. (Especially since J. K. Rowling has promised we will learn why some people become ghosts and some don't. Perhaps the Grey Lady will help us to find out...
Nick told us a bit about why some people become ghosts, but I suspect we'll find out more. And although we learned nothing new about Ravenclaw yet, I continue to insist it is only a matter of time.

Predictions by Others:

Wormtail will repay harry for saving his life (probably in the 7th book).

Cho will finally fall for Harry, but Harry will fall in love with Ginny, who's always had a crush on him.

Ron and Hermionie will fall in love in the 7th book, and Ron will propose.

The above predictions were sent in by Katie, webmistress of Katie's Hogwart Students Page

Overall Plot Summary:

Well, I guess it will start out back on old Privet Drive, where Dudley's diet will continue. Harry will be stuck there until it's time for the journey to Hogwarts, which wouldn't surprise me if it were a bit interesting this year, perhaps early and probably not on the train. Maybe Dumbledore will take him.

He'll get to Hogwarts, and there will be at least one new first year in the Sorting (which he will attend, I think) who we learn more about than just their name, and who will figure later in the story. We will meet the new Dark Arts teacher. This year the House Competition and Quidditch Cup will be back as normal. I'm pretty sure Slytherin won't win the House Competition, although less sure that it will definitely be Gryffindor. Maybe Ravenclaw...
He did attend the Sorting, although we only heard the names of the first and last to be sorted, and learned nothing new of them throughout the book. House Competition was disrupted by Dumbledore's absence, and Harry didn't even attend the feast, so who knows who won, if anybody. The Quidditch Cup happened, although Harry was kicked out of it early on

Anyway, school will begin, it will be hard this year. Maybe there will be a new Potions teacher who actually won't favor Slytherin quite so much. They will prepare for the O.W.L.s. What exactly will happen next noone but J. K. Rowling can guess, but there will be some conflict outside of schoolwork introduced, and I bet it will have something to do with Voldemort and will lead Harry, Ron, and Hermione to do some sneaking with the Invisibility Cloak after dark. And maybe the Marauder's Map, did Harry ever get that back?
Apparently he did, because they used it before and after D.A. meetings. There was a conflict beyond the increasing work load, of course, but there wasn't much sneaking around after hours, and they only really used the cloak to visit Hogwarts and sneak into Umbridge's office.

I don't think it will deal directly with Voldemort's present person yet, wait a book or two for that. But in one of the next three books Harry will be forced to face his future, and that of Voldemort, and that IS a possibility for book 5. Otherwise it will probably involve one of Voldemort's wizard agents or some of his creature supporters. Maybe Dementors...
Well, Voldemort was kind of in the shadows of Harry's mind for the most part, up until the end. And Harry did have to face the connection between him and Voldemort, and what that means for his future. And Dementors did attack Harry, although not at the order of Voldemort.

It will culminate in some dangerous something which Harry will end up having to face alone at some point. He will survive and beat it out. Odds say he will end up in the hospital wing again, although I would wager that he will make it to the final banquet this year, and be proclaimed a hero once more.
Pretty much all wrong, it did end in a dangerous something, but Harry was anything but alone. He was one of the few who escaped injury and avoided having to stay in the hospital wing, but he didn't attend the feast, although he was, at the end, once more hailed as a hero.

I think in the end Dumbledore will find some way so that Harry does not have to spend the following summer entirely with the Dursleys, and perhaps he will even get to spend some of it with Sirius. It will end happily, for the moment, but on a note of sadness and expectancy, with Voldemort temporarily at bay but still at large and dangerous.
Pretty much true, although he will still have to spend part of his time with the Dursleys, and he won't get to spend any of it with Sirius. Did end kind of happily, in that at least everyone was now aware of Voldemort's return, but tinged with the sadness of Sirius' death and the danger of Voldemort's ability to act out in the open now he can no longer hide.

* * * *

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