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An Original Harry Potter Site Sprung From the Mind of October

Welcome to Potter Storm! There's plenty to do here if you, too, have found delight in the magical world created by J. K. Rowling. I try to keep this site interesting by doing things just a little bit differently, so it isn't the same old stuff you see on every other Harry Potter site. This is less of an "interactive" or "rpg" type site, and more of an "I tell you what I think" site, after which you're free to tell me what you think in the form of an e-mail which at least makes passing attempts at being polite even if you disagree with me. I always appreciate feedback and alternative points of view. And if I happen to pick up some interesting news or rumors I'll put them up here as well.

I'm sorry to say that once again your faithful webmistress has become embroiled in the insanity that is education and/or theatre, and I believe the e-mail backlog is now about six months long. So unfortunately, further site updates may be a while in coming (although when they do, you'll be notified at Site News). That also means that any e-mails you send me may go unread for another month, at which time, hopefully, things will have calmed down sufficiently for some massive catching up. In the meantime, enjoy what's here, if it sparks interest or inspires ideas DO e-mail me (I promise I'll check it all eventually), and if you have any questions, you can check out my Frequently Asked Questions Page.

And if you're really my friend, you'll sign the guestbook at the bottom... :)

I hope you enjoy Potter Storm. Watch out for LIGHTNING!

I said watch out!

I would like to hereby note that my Uncle Bruce is the Official Coolest Person Ever of this website.

The Books

* General Questions I'd Like to Ask J. K. Rowling *
* Who Might Die In Upcoming Books *

Book Four:
* Dumbledore's Gleam * The Mystery of Harry's Parents' Death * Voldemort's Wand *
Book Five:
* Review of the Book * Questions About Book Five * Trelawney's First Real Prophecy *
Predictions for Book Five * Possible Romances in the Fifth Book *
Book Six:
* Predictions * O.W.L.s * Possible Romances *

* The Mystery of Ravenclaw *

News and Rumors:

* Rowling Reveals: What J. K. Has To Say About What's To Come * Joke Rumors About the Books Five-Seven *
* Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers!) * Webmistress News *
* Site News *

Commentary and Opinions:

* Harry Potter: An Explanation * Is Harry Potter Sexist? * Gender Roles in Society * Is Harry Potter of the Occult? * Occult 2 3 4 * Why Harry Potter Works * Why Harry Potter is NOT Just For Kids * Why Hermione Rocks *
* Why Harry and Hermione Are the Perfect Couple *

The Movie:

* Thoughts On the First Movie * Thoughts On the Second Movie * Movie Collage *
* Address For Casting Inquiries for the Third Movie *

Lists and Information:

* The Potterpedia: An Ultra-Complete Encyclopedia of Characters * Library: List of All Books Mentioned in the Series * List of Spells and Potions * Honeydukes: A List of Wizard Candy * List of Passwords *
* The Sorting Hat Songs *

Interactive Hogwarts:

* Ollivander's * Trelawney's Predictions: Ask Anything! *


* So You've Never Read Harry Potter: A Remedy! * Books To Read While You're Waiting *
* Anagrams of the names of some characters... Interesting! * Hermione Corner: Who Looks the Most Like Hermione? * Bookmark for Christian Potterphiles * Thanks, Congrats, and Warnings * Potter Poetry * Webmistress News *
* Quotes and Goats * Links! *


* The Truth About Kiwanos! * Computer Psychology 101 * S+W's Breezy Cow *
* Big Rocks, Little Rocks--Priorities in Life *

Index, News, FAQs:

If you're looking for something beyond a cursory view of the site (aka you want to be sure you don't miss a single page) these are your best tools. The Index has an alphabetical list of all the pages on the site, and News will notify you of what I update and when, so you can check back to see if there's anything new.

* An Index to the Site * Site News: What Have I Updated? * Webmistress News * Frequently Asked Questions *


* Sign my guestbook! *

The Webmistress:

* About the Webmistress * Webmistress News * The Webmistress's Faith * Writing Corner * Schizophrenia: The Many Personalities of the Webmistress * Muggleside: Another Site by the Webmistress * E-mail the Webmistress *

Plays By The Webmistress:

Yes, the Webmistress not only writes web pages, she writes plays. Not as many as she'd like to, though, and she's got one in particular at the moment she'd love to tackle if she had the chance. Unfortunately, it's a full length play and she hasn't the time. Yet. But someday... Until then, here are some shorter one act types you're welcome to read and even perform if you ask nicely...

* I.S. is... A play written for my sophomore english class, but tragically never performed * CLUE 2001 Last year's annual CLUE mystery play, also tragically never performed * CLUE 2002 Annual CLUE mystery play of 2002, brilliantly performed, submitted to a playwrighting contest (although not chosen), and now posted! * CLUE 2003 With the capability of being, as it was originally performed, a one-person show! (Or with up to 8 actors) *

Enjoy Potter Storm!  Look!

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This site and everything on it are copyright 2000 by October. You break it, you buy it. If you want to use anything on this site, please let me know by e-mailing me at You MUST have my permission before using anything from this site! I am not affiliated with J. K. Rowling or Scholastic in any way.


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