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Digibox Exchange

Welcome to the Digibox Exchange mailing list.

Once you have signed up you can use this mailing list to contact other people who have a used Sky compatible digibox for sale or who wish to buy one. Other subjects (apart from the functioning of the list) are off-topic.
The names and e-mail addresses of members are not made public nor is any personal information required to join. The list is provided free of charge without any guarantee or liability as a service to those who wish to buy or sell a digibox. This list is not moderated but posts may be removed from the archive and the poster removed from the list if complaints are received. If the list is abused it may become moderated or cancelled.

Members can just send an e-mail to from their registered e-mail address and the message will be transmitted to all other members.

If you are hoping to buy a used digibox then, here as everywhere, the rule is caveat emptor : buyer beware!
Before sending off your cheque you should try to make sure that the seller is what he appears to be.

All prospective buyers and sellers should be aware that Sky digiboxes are individually addressable and, as such, are traceable by Sky. So selling a stolen digibox will only get you into trouble.

If you are hoping to sell a digibox then you should indicate in your message at least the following points:

The make and model of your digibox.
Its approximate age.
Any cosmetic or other faults that it may have.
Is it complete with the remote control etc.?
Do you have a copy of the original receipt?

The price.

When deciding the price vendors and purchasers should bear in mind that brand new, fully guaranteed and unused Sky Digiboxes are available from several dealers in the UK for from just £280. This price is for boxes without any phone contract or other subsidy or subscription requirement. Prices for secondhand boxes should be substantially lower than this, especially considering that most UK users only pay £40 or so for their box.

Joining the list is simple.

Just click on this link to send a "sign me up" e-mail. You will receive an automated message in your e-mail client to which you must reply to validate your subscription. That's it!

To unsubscribe (why?) you can use this "get me out of here" link.

All members can use this link to view archived messages and this may be especially useful for new members.

The creator of the list hopes that it will be of benefit to all members.