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This page is all about bettas( siamese fighting fish). Bettas are great pets. They are inexpensive to care for, fun to watch and are some of the most beautiful fish I have ever seen. They come in many different colors and the elegant looking fins make the fish look grand. Not many fish are as beautiful as the males. I don't know about you, but I can't see how anyone can dislike bettas.

Bettas originated from Siam and Thialand. They lived in rice paddies. The original species weren't near as breathtaking, most had dull looking brown fins. Early breeders found the best species and bred them. That is how we have the long finned, colorful, show fish we all love!!!!

Despite what many people think, bettas usually do not actually fight to the death. But they do fight fiercely. In fact, in China, people bet on betta fights like Americans bet on greyhounds. Here is another interesting fact. bettas are shipped to America in wet newspaper. That tells you something about the toughness and durability of bettas.

Previous Updates

UPDATES 7/15/00: I'm very sorry I haven't updated this in a month. It is just that ever since none of the eggs hatched because I think the male eat them I have been to bumed to do anything more with them. But now I am better and ready to try again. I will begin conditioning them today.

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