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Banks of the Anduin

Elen síla lumenn' omentielvo!

Welcome to the very under construction Lord of the Rings page called Anduin!
The picture was done by me, Sarah S., also known as Lady Lindiriel. (Don't take it without permission!)
Hope you'll stop by again someday!
Until then, namárië!

This limerick was JoAnna's first work of Lord of the Rings fan fiction.
She wrote it for a themed day at a LotR message board.
Very nice though a bit sad.
A Treebeard Limerick (G)

Here is a sentimental poem I wrote from Sam's perspective.
It tells of his enduring loyalty to his dear master.
Through Thick and Thin (G)

This is a poem I discovered not long ago written by S. Gamgee during the Fourth Age.
Amazingly, he anticipated the pattern of a Shakespearean sonnet here.
It is about the garden dearest to his heart.
Sonnet to My Garden (G)

This past May (2003) I stumbled across an old manuscript beneath the above sonnet.
It was in Westron and a bit blurred, but I have recorded the story here.
Apparently, it was a favorite bedtime story that Samwise told to his children:
Goldilocks and the Three Trolls (G)

My Favorite Lord of the Rings characters

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