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Welcome to the Old House and my secret Playroom.
I am the Ghost of Sarah Collins.
Want to play catch with me?

"That evil is wicked is well understood,
the wicked are punished, so you must be good."

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This is my favorite doll

I was born Sarah Jane Collins, on a cool, spring morning in April, 1784.
I was a new addition to a new nation, as Cornwallis
had only 3 years previously surrendered his army to
George Washington at Yorktown.

My brother, Barnabas, had barely reached the age of
21 upon my arrival. My life at Collinwood was often
lonely. Mother was a great source of comfort,as
mothers always are, while Father busied himself
building his fortune and prominence. But it was my
brother, Barnabas, who became my teacher, my
companion and my friend. He was there for all those
times a child needs a father. He taught me how to
read, how to write , how to ride a horse, and
most importantly, he taught me right from wrong. He
even tried to teach me to play the recorder
(what you call a flute in modern times).

I created these pages in the hope of sharing with you my joys, my sorrows , my life in general, as well as the years *after* my death.
~The Ghost of Sarah Collins~

I love to look at my Dreambook
and see all my wonderful friends.
So, please, take a moment to leave your name in these pages.

Within These Walls

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