DEBBIE GIBSON - We Could Be Together

If I were an only child
I would be a lonely child
but baby we've got nothing to lose
I'm standing tall in my own shoes
I'll take this chance
I'll make this choice
I'll right this wrong
I'll raise my voice
if it means
We'll be together
for a while

I have never had a doubt
But for you I'll take time out
I'll push his love far away from me
and then I'll be completely free
I'll give up my security
for just the possibility
that we could be together
for a while

*If you said "Jump!" I'd say "How high?"
If you said "Run!" I'd run and fly
Just for the chance
Just for the moment
Should the moment pass up by
and if you ask once I'll tell you twice
I'll ignore the world's advice
if we could be together
for a while

I am taken by your strength
I've thought about it at great length
I thought that I was happy now
but there are things that I found out
Happiness means greater things
I'll sit here 'til that telephone rings
then we could be together
for a whlie

Wait'll I tell my guy
Wait'll I tell my other friends
They'll all think I'm crazy-
and ya know what?
That depends...
'cause I'm crazy in love
with you
and everyone's best won't do
They'll say my hopes
will not come true
But I'm taking the chance
Because you only live once-
(Only live once, only live once)

There are no guarantees
but if it means
there's even a possibility
then I'll give up whatever it takes
I know I've made some mistakes before
It may be just another closed door
But we could be together
for a while