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Warzone 1 opinion: Mishima is actually the first army I started. I liked the stealth and silent killing. But now that I am a very experienced player I find that Mishima takes quite a bit of strategy to play, due to the fact that 75% of Mishima's units are Close Combat oriented. Being a CC troop is a little more difficult because you have to use the terrain to your advantage and you have reach the enemy before they gun you down. My fav. Mishiman squad are either the Tiger Dragons or the Suicide/Combat Warheads and my fav. Individuals are the DeathBringer and the Demon Hunter. Overall, Mishima is a good force. Warzone 2 opinion: I find that Mishima is still as good as it was. I favor the meka/deathbringer for individuals and I favor the crimson devils for squads.

Army Pics

Combat Warheads

Suicide Warheads

Demon Hunter


Meka and Toshiro

Shadow Walker

Tiger Dragons

Crimson Devils

more Tiger Dragons