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Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth 
Through the Power of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a state of mind of heightened suggestibility.   Another popular term used to describe this state is trance.  The greatest benefits of this state are that it allows us to access our infinite resources that lie hidden in the deepest depths of our minds and to create any desired change in our lives.

We all experience this state on a daily basis while daydreaming, watching TV, reading a book, making love, dancing, exercising, listening to music or while we are engaged in some routine activities that leave our imagination free to wonder.

All of us enter this state of heightened suggestibility every night just before we fall asleep and every morning before we are fully awake.

One way to access the hidden treasure-house of our minds is through deep relaxation of mind and body.  Another way is through intense emotional charge.

The Power of Hypnotic Suggestions

Hypnotic suggestions are statements placed deep into the subconscious mind. They become programs or blueprints and manifest themselves as a part of your reality. The suggestions also act as anchors that trigger unconscious behavior. The anchors can be in any one or combination of senses of perception (representational systems): visual, auditory, kinesthetic, gustatory or olfactory.

While conscious mind selects the information, subconscious mind is widely open to accept any suggestion unless this suggestion is in conflict with another already existing suggestion. It really filters out suggestions that are contrary to programs that are already running. When conflict issues between two contradictory suggestions, the one that will win out and outpower the other is the one that has its roots deeper with a firmer base, which developed either through repetition, turned into habit, or through a powerful emotional impact.

The important thing to remember is that your subconscious mind does not differentiate between a statement you make for yourself and a statement you make for another person. For example, if you desire happiness and health and well-being for yourself, but because you are upset with someone, you start wishing bad things to another person, you are conveying a contradictory message to your subconscious mind and the suggestion with a stronger emotional impact or the one on which you focus more often will win. So if you create more powerful emotions when you are upset with someone, those ideas will take deeper root in your subconscious and will manifest for you in your life. That is, if you wish someone to go to a poor house, you are literally programming your mind to create those very circumstances in your life for yourself. This is the reason why you must wish for others only those things which you wish to manifest in your life for yourself. If you desire well-being for yourself, you must desire it for others, too, if you want it to outpicture itself in your life.

Hence, the reason for forgiveness and for ‘loving your neighbor as yourself’. Whatever unforgiveness you are holding onto, whatever judgment you are holding against another person or situation, you are literally cultivating in your subconscious mind to manifest as some kind of inharmony in your life. Sooner or later, all inharmonious ideas you hold onto must outpicture themselves through your body as a form of dis-ease.

We journey through a dream we call a reality which we built out of our perceptions, our interpretations of reality. Out of our perceptions we created beliefs and then kept on looking at our dream constantly looking for reaffirmations of our beliefs. Thus we kept on giving ourselves hypnotic suggestions and cultivating them through reinforcement. In the process we got used to a life populated with these beliefs and even if these beliefs are counterproductive, they are familiar and so we managed to create a limitation called a ‘comfort zone’, even if the comfort zone does not feel very comfortable. Somewhere deep down inside we sense that there is more to life, that we are entitled to better life, but we may feel unable to break through the barrier.

The limiting beliefs etched in our subconscious minds long time ago, having roots planted very very deep inside, still manifest in our lives until we change them. The easiest and fastest way to uproot them is to replace the beliefs and suggestions that do not serve us any more with new empowering beliefs and suggestions through accessing our deepest part of subconscious and reprogramming it through hypnosis.

People experience hypnosis, or trance state in many different uniquely individual ways. Your experience may be very different than someone else’s. A common element is that the deeper you access your subconscious mind and the farther you are from your ordinary conscious state, the more focused is your attention. As one author pointed out through the metaphor - suggestions accepted in full waking consciousness are like dispersed beams or a normal light bulb, while the suggestions accepted in hypnosis act like laser beams - they are straight, narrow and infinitely more powerful in effecting the desired change.

One of the ways you may choose to plant new suggestions into your subconscious mind is through repetition. Eventually, it will work. But it may take you very, very long time. Planting suggestion while in trance state can work instantaneously - if there are no conflicting suggestions already planted, and even if there are it would take significantly less repetitions.

The second way you may choose to plant new suggestions is through arousing a powerful emotional state. Any emotional state will do, but if you choose this way, you should choose an emotional state you actually want to associate with your suggestion. As I mentioned earlier, the more intense emotional state, the deeper the suggestion takes root in the subconscious mind. This is the reason why intense feelings of fear and worry are hazardous to your well-being. They widely open doors to your subconscious mind and whatever you fear intensely or worry about intensely, your subconscious mind will outpicture it for you. So how do you get rid of fears and worries - through understanding of universal principles, which are discussed in Empowerment Programs, and through understanding of the creative power of your mind.

The third way to plant new suggestions is through trance states and neuro-linguistic programming that is closely related in it that it employs different techniques and methodologies to bypass the conscious mind and access the subconscious either through the use of language patterns or physiology. By the way, neuro-linguistic programming is a new technology for achievement that is constantly expanding and encompassing broader and broader aspects of human development. Its focus lies in distinguishing characteristics of subjective experience and modelling patterns of achievement, thus accelerating learning and process of change.

Everyone has experienced trance state. It is a state when you are so absorbed in some activity or your internal experience that nothing outside of it exists for you, during that time. For some people it may be reading a very interesting book, or watching a movie, or day-dreaming while waiting in line in a bank, or driving a car, or riding an elevator. For other people it may be participating in a ritual or ceremony, sitting by the fire, or listening at the ocean waves, or observing the sunrise. All people go through these states every night just before they fall asleep and every morning just before they become completely awake.

The assistance of another person, preferably a trained hypnotherapist, enables you to go deeper into a trance without having to worry what do you need to do. You simply relax and allow your unconscious to accept the suggestions for change. Since all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis, you don’t need to worry that your subconscious will accept any beliefs you don’t want to implant. Any beliefs you have deep within will not be uprooted unless you want them to be. That is why a hypnotherapist will most likely not be able to facilitate a change for you if you don’t sincerely and genuinely want that change. A hypnotherapist can help you create magic and miracles in your life, but remember that he or she is only there to assist you with what you want. This is also a reason why it is unethical to do a changework for something you don’t truly desire, or are not ready to accept. The change created in one area of your life will pervade other areas of your life and you have to be clear on the issue that these other changes will be acceptable to you.

The effectiveness of hypnotic suggestions will depend on your willingness and readiness for such a change and on your underlying beliefs regarding this change, which have to be dealt with beforehand or along the way. Miracles do happen through hypnosis - they range from healing incurable (by traditional medicine) diseases, even congenital diseases and malformations, spiritual insight, winning in games of chance, finding lost property, creating new outlook on life, changing behavior, getting rid of unwanted habits, accelerated learning, etc.

Now the question is “Are you ready for a life-transforming experience?”

Dr. Laura De Giorgio, Ph.D.
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy
NLP Master Practitioner

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