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Eternal Youth

Eternal Youth is the Flame of God abiding in the body of man - the Father's Gift of Himself to His Creation. Youth and beauty of both mind and body can only be kept permanently by those individuals who are strong enough to shut out discord; and whoever does that, can and will express Perfection and maintain it.

Where Peace, Love, and Light do not abide within the thoughts and feelings of a human being, no amount of physical effort can possibly keep the outer self expressing youth and beauty. These exist Eternally within the god Flame, which is the divine Self of every individual.

Whatever discord the outer self allows to flash through the thought and feeling is that instant stamped upon the flesh of the physical body. Eternal Youth and Beauty are Self-Created and forever Self-Existent within the Flame of God's Life in every human being. This is God's Plan for manifesting His Perfection into the world of form and maintaining it forever.

Youth, Beauty, and Perfection are attributes of Love, which the God Self is continually pouring forth into Its Creation. Within each individual is placed the power and means for maintaining and increasing that perfect, ever-expanding activity of creation.

The power of accomplishment is the energy of the God Self in each human being born into the world. It is always active every moment in your mind, body and world. There is no instant in which this mighty energy is not flowing through all individuals. You are privileged to qualify it as you please at the command of your own free will through consciously directed thought and feeling.

Recognition, conscious direction, and constructive use of the God Energy maintained within oneself at all times is the way of Perfection, Mastery and Dominion over all things on earth, including the conscious control of all natural forces.

In the attainment of Mastery or Adeptship, the conscious control of all force and manipulation of substance are dependent first upon the acknowledgment of your own individual God Self; second, upon perfect calmness of feeling under all circumstances; and third, one must be above all temptation of misusing power. The stilling of all emotions at the command of the conscious will is imperative, and the demand for it in the Adept is unconditional if Dominion is to be attained.

The above is an excerpt from the book series "I AM" Discourses.
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Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King (vol. 1)
The Magic Presence by Godfree Ray King (vol. 2)
"I AM" Discourses by Saint Germaine (vol. 3)

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