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Unconditional Forgiveness

The one who determines to attain Perfection must train the outer activity of his mind to listen to no voice but that of his "Mighty I AM Presence". He must accept only Its Wisdom and obey only Its Direction. He must hear the Light - see the Light - feel the Light and BE the Light of the "Infinite I AM Presence."

As the student enters the Light, he becomes all Light, hence all Perfection. To have inharmony drop away from the body or affairs, the personality must let go of all thought, feeling and words about imperfection. An Activity that will always bring complete Freedom is for the student to pour out Unconditional and Eternal Forgiveness to everybody and everything.

When Forgiveness is sincere, the individual will find his world reordered as if by magic and filled with every good thing; but remember that unless a discord is forgotten, it is not forgiven, because you cannot loose it or release yourself from it until it is out of your consciousness. So long as you remember an injustice or a disturbed feeling, you have not forgiven either the person or the condition.

When the forgiveness is complete, the feeling nature or emotional body is serene, kind, happy, comfortable, and like a Mountain of Light. It is so powerful that one abides within it as impregnable as in a fortress. Even though he stand amidst the wreck of worlds, yet will he remain untouched by anything but Perfection in the Light.

Remember, what your consciousness is held firmly upon, you bring into existence in yourself. It is impossible for your Life to contain anything that is not your present or past accumulation of consciousness.

Whatever you are conscious of in thought and feeling stamps itself upon the Universal substance in and around you and brings forth after its kind - always. This is a Mighty Cosmic Law from which there is no variation or escape.

The above is an excerpt from the book series "I AM" Discourses.
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Unveiled Mysteries by Godfre Ray King (vol. 1)
The Magic Presence by Godfree Ray King (vol. 2)
"I AM" Discourses by Saint Germaine (vol. 3)

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