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Spiritualizing the Body

The full realization of your true identity, your master pattern, does not suddenly burst upon you until the seed of truth has been planted, nourished, cherished, and allowed to mature to ripeness. This does not take thousands of years, it does not take hundreds, it may take only a few short years, a few months, a few weeks, depending entirely upon your attitude and intensity.

You understand, of course, that I AM the one who does the work of fulfillment. I do not mean to imply that you are expected to metamorphose yourself through some superhuman determination. Your part is merely to show that you are willing to trust you future to me, willing to let my will be done, willing to align your purposes with mine through the comprehension of my Word and the quieting of your heart.

My word grows vigorously in your consciousness once it gets a firm foothold. But it does need some care to keep it healthy. It needs to be watered with your faith lest it should wither and dry up, and it responds mightily when nourished with your prayers. However, as you continue to apply faith and prayer, you must be patient and leave the rest to me. My truth inside you will grow and ripen, not by your power, but by mine.

Until such time as you consciously and subconsciously accept the good news of the Christ, you will continue to be trapped in the web of sub-creation, traveling in a circle on a wheel of cause-and-consequence, confused by the mad whirling, too busy holding onto the flying spokes to see my hand above you, reaching toward you, ready to lift you off the wheel and set you free.

Within the pattern of your Being is contained your originality and your freedom to express it. But you must show that you are willing to fulfill your Cosmic Selfhood and go purposefully about the business of your Father consciousness before you will experience this universal perfection.

When nothing matters to you except my will be done, I will know that you are ready to put your hand in mine, and I will lift you off the wheel, then come in and feast with you, filling your body with my fires of purification, dissolving all the sins in you as sunlight dissolves shadow, transmuting the cells from end to end of you into my perfect spiritual substance.

The indescribable life force is being received by my children in varying degrees, depending entirely upon your attitudes. Your body is the vessel which receives it, your mind controls the angle of the vessel, and your heart determines how much of this River of life you will let in.

The River is flowing all around you, in it you live and move and have your being. It is the supply found in nature from which your sacred seed may draw to unfold within you the pattern of your Grand Cosmic Self.

Your sacred seed, your spark of life, awaits only the cooperation of your totally-still heart center. When you have extended this cooperation, the sacred seed will begin to grow, to fulfill its cosmic pattern as the human hull falls away and allows the holy metamorphosis to be completed.

You have much to gain by learning to appreciate your spark of life. Concentrate on its presence, feel it, enjoy the silky flow of it as it gushes up from the deep well of your soul. This spark of life is the very Light of Christ which I wedded to you and from which you cannot possibly be divorced. By simply learning to appreciate it, you may cause its flow to be enhanced until it gushes up and becomes the living fountain that can never be diminished.

The elemental nature of life is to increase, to seek more and more expression. This law of increase holds true within you as readily as it does in any aspect of nature. Life is a joyous, singing river ever surging upward. As you feel it and appreciate it, the little trickle finding outlet through your being will bubble up into a flood, drawing you into the beautiful pathway of the River of Life More Abundant.

This is what happens when you become the Living Christ. You do not suddenly become something else, or somebody else, you merely express a fullness of what you already are. You merely allow the Light of Life to come forward and increase.

Meditate on the life within you, cherish it. How joyous the surge of it! Imagine that surge doubled, tripled, multiplied by a hundred, by a thousand. That glorious Light of Life will respond to your appreciation and begin immediately to shine brighter.

The life force in your body is the key to the freedom that you seek.

When you accept the Light of Life within you as being the route to a higher dimension, a "wave of determination" will be released in you and the needed alteration of attitude can be set in motion. Like the caterpillar, or the tomato seed, you will start to change. The wisdom of the soul, as it begins to assume command, knows every step that must be taken to transmute your physical body into quickened, refined substance.

This wisdom of the soul is me, your indwelling Father consciousness, doing the mighty works for you, rebuilding with the substances of life which are abundantly available in nature, in that everflowing River which fills the entire cosmos - my Holy Spirit.

The above is an excerpt from the book Door of Everything by Ruby Nelson.
You can BUY this book HERE by clicking on the book title below:

Door of Everything
by Ruby Nelson
Simple, to the point and powerful.  The focus of the book is on spiritualizing the body through the practice of ascension attitudes of love, praise and gratitude. These three attitudes can begin to transform your life as soon as you begin applying them.

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