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Reason for Reincarnation

Why at all reincarnation?  What is its reason and purpose?  Why can we not just settle for that simple concept of being nothing more after physical death than food for the worms?  It may be a boring and unexciting concept, but it is so wonderfully uncomplicated.  Besides, it gives us an excuse to "get it while we can", to "live it up" without any further thought toward a deeper meaning of life.  Unfortunately for the one's thinking along these lines and fortunately for those who do not, Life has a little more imagination and has assigned a nobler destiny to its children.

* * *

Learning, as such, is in reality only a remembering.  We may believe it or we may not, the fact still remains that each soul has all knowledge within itself.  Any learning is merely an unveiling of one's own light.  That is all enlightenment is. 

Having limited our awareness more or less to the physical plane only, it becomes difficult, if not impossible, for us to interpret any information correctly which concerns a holistic picture, a multidimensional understanding. 

It is inevitable that we tend to measure this information by the standards of our physical reality.  To overcome this hurdle, analogies may serve as a scaffolding or bridge to project a knowing into our awareness by means of pictures.

We use one of these analogies as we return now to the beginning of the beginning.  Despite being only an intellectual approach, it nonetheless points in the right direction.

We imagine the number 1.  This 1 could never know itself in its capacity as 1, the indivisible, without its reflection which is the extension of itself, the number 2.  The 2 contains the 1, without 1 it could not be.  Only now does 1 comprehend itself as 1 by reflecting itself in the 2.  By recognizing itself in its reflection, which is 2, the 1 becomes an understanding of itself, which is 3. 

The Absolute, or God, is all-encompassing, is All-There-Is.  What is all-encompassing can have no opposite.  It is the ONE.  The ONE needs to reflect its SELF in its SELF to know its SELF.  Thus it creates an extension of its crystal SELF, the Christ SELF, to gain cognition of itself in its reflection.  What reflects must receive the image first which it is to reflect.  Thus the Son of God is born, the Christ-SELF - the Christ, created in the image of "the father".

The Christ represents the 2, for now there are two aspects of the One (1).  The 1 contains the potential 2 within itself - the 2 contains the 1.  Without the 1 it could not be.  The understanding which arises from the cognition of the One in the reflection of its extension, the Christ, is one of being of ONE Spirit, of being wholly Spirit, is the Holy Spirit, which becomes the 3. 

This is the TRIAD of God, which is ONE.  We may express the same principle as Power - Love - Justice.  Justice being the understanding, which recognizes the Oneness of Power and Love as PURE BEING, therefore INNOCENCE.

The Father and Son are ONE.  The Christ is the Christ-SELF of the God-SELF, the crystal SELF of the ONE God.  The Christ-SELF carries God within itself as the number 2 contains within itself the 1.  And here, a mind limited to a fallen state of consciousness already creates division and sees Father and Son as two, instead of as two aspects of One, as Creator/Creation, as God unmanifested and as God manifested.  The Son aspect of God, the Christ, is the Father expressed, journeying through its Creation for the purpose of experiencing its own potential.

The Son, the First Principle, was told by the Father to go out and create.  The Son contemplated the thought or better, formed a mental image, the Universal Mind.  To quote Ramacharaka in his work "Gnani Yoga, the Yoga of Wisdom":  "the Universal Principle of Mind is the Great Ocean of Mind Stuff, from which all the phenomenal Universe is evolved.  From this Universal Principle of Mind proceeded the Universal Principle of Force and Energy.  And from the latter proceeded the Universal Principle of Matter."  Thus we see matter is a creation or "by-product" of mind.

The Son of God is one singular Being, the totality of God expressed.  It is both male and female, but for ease of expression we remain with the traditional "He".  He explores his own Creation, therefore also the densest realms, which are those of matter.  Matter is not restricted to the physical; the physical is merely that part of matter which vibrates at its slowest frequency.

As Spirit is Light, which is the highest frequency, it can only experience matter, the low frequency, on the level of that frequency.  Therefore it must enter matter to "view" it from within.  In order to do that a vehicle of matter had to be created - the body - through which Spirit could relate to the realm of form. 

So a process was initiated, which proceeded over eons in linear time, the process of Spirit gently and lovingly raising matter's frequency to prepare the realm of form for its coming.  This process began with the subtler bodies first, approaching slowly the denser frequencies. 

Spirit sent forth fragments of its consciousness, tiny particles so to speak, to enter the world of form for the purpose of preparing and quickening it.  Spirit animated matter, thus plant life and animals came into being, biology in short. 

There existed, however, the risk that these particles of the Christ's consciousness would lose themselves in the world of form and would assume and identity of their own.  This is precisely what happened - consciousness fell from its origin, lost the connection with its own SELF. 

This fall occurred long before these atoms, or particles, of consciousness entered the densest part of Creation, the worlds of physical form.  We are the particles, imagining ourselves to be separate Beings.  It is an imagined identity, as there is in truth only One Being.

The Soul is the first and immediate cloth or vehicle the Christ SELF uses on its journey of discovery through its own creation.  It is the one "robe" it will never shed.  Without it, it could not "hold" thought.  Thought would simply pass through it, could not be stored (for want of a better word).  Spirit took on the cloth of matter to experience the realm of polarities, to develop the body and to learn by contrast

The use of the term "soul" from here on should be understood in its traditional meaning of Being and no so much in its functional aspect as a "robe" for the Christ-SELF.

The reunion with its Source does not rob the soul of its individual frequency or flavor.  Its individuality is never to be lost, but its state of separation is.  In order to enter to world of polarities, it had to enter as polarities itself.  Therefore, it had to divide itself into its polarities of male and female energies.  The "soulmate" of any soul is, in effect, its opposite polarity, although in the ultimate analysis everyone is the soulmate of everyone, for all are expressions of the one God, the one I AM.

A soul is always present at the physical conceptions of its body, but its entry into this body may be delayed up to a period of one year in our linear counting of time from the moment of conception.  The instant Spirit, the Christ SELF, enters this world of polarities at the moment of physical birth, the moment it partakes of the reality of the realm of polarities with its first in-breath and out-breath, Spirit forgets its origin and purpose.

While in the womb, it is still knowing; it may be spoken to in any language, it understands.  For example, if the position of its physical form is not conducive to a normal birthing process, a "caesarian" can be circumvented by assuring the soul of one's love and care for it, by asking it to turn its body in the right position.  It hear and understands and complies.  After a period of time the body has turned.  The implication of the soul's understanding while being in the womb is enormous.  Now we may consider the discussion of its abortion in a different light, for the soul hears and feels utterly unwanted, therefore experiences trauma.

Once it enters the world of polarities it perceives its new world in an upside-down fashion.  As we shall soon see, when we learn about the altered Ego, our perception of this world is a deliberate denial of Truth, of God.  As such, everything is perceived as diametrically opposed to Reality. 

When the new-born begins to see, it sees all images as upside-down, exactly as the retina of its eye receives these.  It is the same process as with a camera lens which projects a reversed picture onto the film plane.  The new born requires some time until its brain has learned to convert the picture into an upright position.

Here this individual expression of the Absolute, the individual expression of the Christ-SELF, finds itself in the company of countless "other" Selves and sees these as "others".  For now it is fenced off by a body, sees itself as separate.  Now the illusion of separation is real. 

But there is a great wisdom in this.  The body was created for the purpose of separation.  For only from the vista of illusion may Reality be realized as Reality.  From within Reality we do not perceive Reality, for it is us, we are it.

So we may, more or less readily, see that we descended all-powerful, yet not knowing (our SELF), and on the ascent return again all-powerful, yet knowing (our SELF).  So much in the simplest and briefest of manners for the why of it.

The above is an excerpt from the book God I AM: From Tragic to Magic by Peter Erbe.
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