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The Principle of Faith

Now I shall try to unfold the great principle of "FAITH" as it was revealed to me after two full years of constant prayer and seeking.  It came in such dynamic power, when I was least expecting it, and the very light of it lifted me from the floor, and my feet seemed not to touch the earth for many days.  I was reading a book when my eyes fell upon these words:  "There is a law irrevocably decreed in heaven before the foundation of the world, upon which ALL blessings are predicated, and when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to that law upon which it is predicated."

That sentence was like a key in my hand that opened the door to the great storehouse of eternal knowledge, and the power of creation and the law of fulfillment.  I had read it many times before in my life and was already quite familiar with it, but it had never, upon previous readings, filled my soul with a living fire of divine light and knowledge.

It was when the principle of faith began to unfold and the way to use it that I was shown that there is "a" law, just ONE law upon which all blessings are predicated. 

The law is: That all things MUST produce after their own kind - that this production follows the planting; the growth and harvest are also part of the law.  This principle of production is the law of nature.  More!  It is the eternal law of God, irrevocable, unchangeable.

The most subtle garden is the one within each man's soul.  There is fertile soil capable of producing anything, any power, any accomplishment.  Man has but to desire to prepare the soil.  THOUGHTS ARE SEEDS.  They are living, vital things that will bring forth each after its kind - yea, many fold more than the tiny seed planted, or the thought released.  Desire is the heat that generates the seed and gives it power to reach up.

The Most Powerful Personal Growth Program

"I hold it true that thoughts are things,
They're endowed with bodies and breath and wings,
And that we send them forth to fill
The world with good results or ill.
That which we call our secret thought
Speeds forth to earth's remotest spot,
Leaving its blessings or its woes
Like tracks behind it as it goes.
We build our future thought by thought,
For good or ill, yet know it not.
Yet, so the universe was wrought.
Thought is another name for fate;
Choose then thy destiny and wait,
For love brings love and hate brings hate."

                                                    - Ella Wheeler Wicox


And again:

"You never can tell what a thought will do
In bringing you hate or love;
For thoughts ARE things, and their airy wings
Are swifter than carrier dove.
They follow the law of the universe,
Each things creates its kind,
And they speed o'er the track to bring you back
Whatever went out from your mind."

Man's great dominion, his superiority over the animals is his "imagination", his power to visualize.  Man is continually visualizing greater things, and greater things are being produced.  But the greatest seed of all has not yet been planted in man's mind, or if it has, it is promptly choked out by doubts and fears (weeds).  And the greatest seed is the thought that man himself can reach any height.

As we plant the seeds, they produce after their own kind and return unto us.  It is the law given before the foundation of the world.  The law is the only one given that will produce anything, whether it be grain, inventions, plenty, or perfection in an individual, it is the same.

First is the planting of the seeds.  Then man's part is to keep out the weeds of fears and doubts, knowing that the law cannot fail.  He must cultivate it.  But otherwise he must keep his human hands out, knowing that only God can make that seed grow.  He must also remember that the law is irrevocable.  It cannot err.  And if the seed is planted it will produce.

The above is an excerpt from the book Ye Are Gods by Annalee Skarin.
You can BUY this book HERE by clicking on the book title below:

Books by Annalee Skarin

Ye Are Gods
YE ARE GODS shows that man himself creates every condition on earth, that the eternal source of power is released within man!  It proves the truth of the great scriptures that "All that the Father has is yours."

To God the Glory
In the words and teachings of Jesus, TO GOD THE GLORY is a divinely inspired message revealing how His great love is being poured out in abundance and can, if man will accept it, change his life and lead him into His Kingdom.

Temple of God
Anything conceived by human thought can be brought forth into actuality.  This creative power is waiting at all times to be made manifest within man, transforming him from a limited mortal into a divine being.

Secrets of Eternity
Love so much that whatever He sends will be as a very rare and precious gift.  Love and adore, praise and give thanks and the windows of heaven will be opened unto you and you will not have room enough to receive the blessings.

Celestial Song of Creation
"Oh man of a million mystic, unfathomed, subtle and unused powers which have lain dormant within, leave your mortal thinking habits and negatious restrictions and step forth into the full measure of your creation."

Man Triumphant
Learn to "be still - and know God".  'Be Still" and become acquainted with His great, dynamic power of creation and the method of using it - for this is the "Kingdom of Heaven, that is within."

Beyond Mortal Boundaries
Death is a dreary, back-door entrance into the other world.  It is the servant's entrance.  But there is a great front door of glory for those who overcome.

The Book of Books
This work contains the truths which Christ so earnestly wished to share with his apostles on that last night at the Feast of the Passover.

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