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Praise releases the vibrations that complete and fulfill all things and all conditions and the individual who lifts his heart in joyous, singing praise.

It is the complete acknowledgement of God! It is the tones of singing, creative fulfillment in their fullest measure of release! Praise is that "Glory to God!" vibration that is sent forth from an overflowing heart, bursting with joy!"

Gratitude, when released from a singing, grateful heart, is a vibration of limitless power. It is visible to spiritualized eyes as the ruby-red ray. It is the ray of courage and acceptance and increase.

Praise releases the golden ray of glory - the vibration of triumphant overcoming as it fulfills all things.

The third, major ray, is the divine, exquisite blue ray of Christ. It is beautiful beyond words or human utterance. It is known as the Christ ray of "Faith", or love in its fullest expression. This ray is brought forth by the individual's power to believe or to be and live according to his highest hopes and purest vision. This divine, blue ray of faith holds within it the keys of absolute knowing.

These rays, when sent forth knowingly are all powerful.

As one masters the three major vibrations of praise and love and gratitude, he will have the power to step forth into the realms of supreme achievement. Then it is that one is fulfilled - or "filled with the fullness of God!"

The above is an excerpt from the book Ye Are Gods by Annalee Skarin.
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Books by Annalee Skarin

Ye Are Gods
YE ARE GODS shows that man himself creates every condition on earth, that the eternal source of power is released within man!  It proves the truth of the great scriptures that "All that the Father has is yours."

To God the Glory
In the words and teachings of Jesus, TO GOD THE GLORY is a divinely inspired message revealing how His great love is being poured out in abundance and can, if man will accept it, change his life and lead him into His Kingdom.

Temple of God
Anything conceived by human thought can be brought forth into actuality.  This creative power is waiting at all times to be made manifest within man, transforming him from a limited mortal into a divine being.

Secrets of Eternity
Love so much that whatever He sends will be as a very rare and precious gift.  Love and adore, praise and give thanks and the windows of heaven will be opened unto you and you will not have room enough to receive the blessings.

Celestial Song of Creation
"Oh man of a million mystic, unfathomed, subtle and unused powers which have lain dormant within, leave your mortal thinking habits and negatious restrictions and step forth into the full measure of your creation."

Man Triumphant
Learn to "be still - and know God".  'Be Still" and become acquainted with His great, dynamic power of creation and the method of using it - for this is the "Kingdom of Heaven, that is within."

Beyond Mortal Boundaries
Death is a dreary, back-door entrance into the other world.  It is the servant's entrance.  But there is a great front door of glory for those who overcome.

The Book of Books
This work contains the truths which Christ so earnestly wished to share with his apostles on that last night at the Feast of the Passover.

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