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The Myth of Truth

Another great myth of the physical plane is that there is something called "The Truth".  This particular myth has been the cause of more wars and conflict than all the other myths put together.  The notion that you could express multi-dimensional concepts in English, German, or any other current language is outrageous.

No, my friends.  On the physical plane, all you'll hear are opinions, often based in turn on the hand-me-down opinions of other people, picked up somewhere along the way.  So treat everything you hear, see, and read as opinion, including the ideas in this book.  There is only one person who can judge what is real and true for you: you!

If you believe that the world is a hostile place, ruled by an angry, vengeful god, that so it is - for you, that is.  Or if you believe that the universe is benevolent and that Spirit is guiding you at each step, then that's what you'll experience.

Reality is infinitely complex and malleable because it's designed to be that way.  The universe is not a static mechanism within which you have to find your way.  It's created specifically to support all being in an infinite variety of expressions of the Source.  This creativity is how the Source knows itself and grows.  And this includes supporting you in your expression of what you believe to be true.  The folks at Earth Mission in Sedona, Arizona summed it up delightfully with "The Universe rearranges itself according to your pictures of reality".  The universe is indeed a reality creation playground, and what you create - knowingly or unknowingly - depends on what you believe to be real (i.e. your pictures of reality).

Now, you store your opinions about reality in your fields.  These are the "pictures" you hold about you, and you in relation to everything else: Spirit, the other people, your job, your mate, and the universe in general.  The events in your daily life are actually fabricated in a higher-dimensional, holographic-like framework - a kind of "reality factory".  You, in collaboration with everyone you work with, play with, or just know casually, meet in this nonphysical reality factory to create the circumstances and events of your respective physical plane lives (you may catch yourself doing this while dreaming, for example).

Two main factors determine the kind of experiences that you'll bring into the physical plane.  Obviously Spirit has an agenda.  This is always positive and beneficial to your growth, even though it may not seem so, moment by moment (look hard enough and you'll see why you had that car wreck or had your purse stolen).  As we approach ascension, you'll find that experiences intensify and the pace of life speeds up, because you're trying to crack open old pictures of reality and replace them with new ones at an ever-increasing rate.

The second major influence on the events you experience are your pictures of reality.  Limiting, fear-based pictures make it difficult for Spirit to bring through healing, loving encounters with yourself and others.  Someone living in fear is just not giving permission for Spirit to put through love-based experiences.  This means, of course, that even love may be interpreted through the eyes of fear, and thus distorted.

If there is no one "galactic truth", this means that you can pick any set of truths you like to make up your pictures of reality.  So it makes sense to pick those that bring you joy and allow you to be happy.  But please don't think that you'd be living in a fool's paradise.  You'd actually be living in a very sane person's paradise. 

The above is an excerpt from the book An Ascension Handbook by Serapis.
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An Ascension Handbook
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Filled with exercises and techniques, An Ascension Handbook is a practical "how to" manual for ascending Lightworkers.
Everyone of us will ascend.  But first we must break old patterns, sever from the consensus reality, and align with Spirit. 

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