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The Myth of Power

When you look at the world today, you see examples of groups and nations using force to invade and attack other groups and nations.  It may be to take natural resources like land or oil, to destroy a culture or belief system, or simply because DNA has given one group a different physical appearance.  At the heart of the great myth of power is a deep-seated sense of separation and a resulting confusion about "power with" and "power over".

Power Over

When the world talks of a powerful man or a powerful woman, what exactly is the power?

If you define the world using only the five physical senses, the power is defined by what you can see, touch, feel, and hear.  So you see power as dominance, or "power over" others, power over the environment, and even power over self.  And because of the way societies define power, and focus it in a few individuals, societies must set up organizations to prevent its misuse.  So you have watchdogs who scrutinize the power holders.

When a society or group defines power in terms of the ability to direct the use of resources (such as money, human lives, armies, weapons, food and raw materials), the greatest fear is the loss of that power to someone else or some other group.  And power over others reinforces and deepens separation because you can't exercise power over others without making them "other", be it based on religion, ideology, skin color, or gender.

When personality looks outside of itself for power, it turns to material things and other personalities.  This leads to a pecking order of "more powerful than me" and "less powerful than me".  There is an alternative to this false kind of power, however.  As we'll see, turning to Spirit reveals a power based on creativity, loving cooperation, reverence, harmony, and heroic collaboration.

Power With

This alternative power is based on power "with" - with Spirit and with your fellow humans - and ironically the first step to "power with" is surrender.  But surrender to Spirit sounds like acquiescing to something that has power over you, and isn't that just the same old story but with a different overload?

"Power over" requires the submission of one to another, in which both feel separate.  "Power over" works only when this sense of separation exists.  To the extent that you feel separated from Spirit, surrender will feel like submitting to a superior force, like a besieged city finally opening its doors to looting and rape by a conquering army.  If, on the other hand, you sense a seamless unity with Spirit, surrender simply means enlarging a small, fear-based agenda to the much vaster agenda of planetary and personal ascension - replacing "I've got to do it all by myself" individualism by alignment with the unimaginably powerful forces at work on planet Earth today.

The problem with power based on who you are as a personality, separate from Spirit, is that you can lose it.  Other people can steal your resources, age can steal your strength, and illness can steal your health.  But power based on what you are cannot be stolen.  Seeing yourself as a vast, multi-dimensional being having a human experience, rather than a human having a spiritual experience, puts you in touch with your true power and its unlimited creativity and potential.

* * *

When you are unaware of your true power, you have to scramble to grab what you can before anyone else.  Every unkind or harmful act committed on this planet has been done by someone who felt powerless in some way, and the stronger the feeling of powerlessness, the greater the unkindness or harm in the act.


The above is an excerpt from the book An Ascension Handbook by Serapis.
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Everyone of us will ascend.  But first we must break old patterns, sever from the consensus reality, and align with Spirit. 

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