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The Myth of Love

The great myth of love is that you can love someone, something, or even yourself.  No one can love another!  You cannot love yourself or anyone else!   Why?  Because love is not a "doing", but an allowing

The very energy from which this universe is built is infused with a certain quality: a joy of being, an acceptance of the right of all things to be, and a delight in the expressions of all things as they enjoy their right to be.  All beings are of the Source, and have a divine right to experience and express their divinity, and all beings have a right to enjoy the expressions of others, because their beings are really one, cleverly disguised to look separate.

Allowing this joy and delight in the expression of yourself and others is a wonderful experience, and is what I call "love".  However, you cannot do joy or delight.  You can only allow it to sweep through you, like any other emotion.  And this emotion is not conditional on what any other beings are actually doing; it's based on knowing and experiencing the divinity in them.  If someone you know is in a foul mood, for example, they're still expressing their divinity, even though that expression doesn't turn you on.

So, love is not something you do.  It's a response in you to a particular frequency of energy flowing in, through, and around you constantly.  Many things can deaden you to the relatively subtle energy of love.  Fear, of course, will prevent you from sensing it, and will distort what little you do sense.  Fear is not the opposite of love.  It is the defensive gatekeeper, and simply will not allow you to sense the high frequencies in your fields.  And the fear is locked in your belief system, or your opinions about reality, and has nothing to do with reality itself.

Love is allowing yourself to sense this energy as it relates to you, to others, and to the universe in general.  It begins with acceptance of your right to be, and the right of others to be.  This acceptance builds to an appreciation of yourself and others: of your qualities, gifts, and basic goodness.  And it continues to build to a delight and fascination in self and others.

So, how do you allow this to happen?  you begin by dropping the fears you have of being separate from Spirit, of being unable to cope with life, of being worse (or better) than other people.  Once you see yourself and others as vast, multi-dimensional beings squeezed into tiny little bodies, these fears drop away.  This isn't easy - you swim around in a thick soup of fear called the consensus reality all the time.  But, as we'll see later, this is just people's opinion about what's real, and bears no resemblance to truth.  Now (of course), you carefully built consensus reality over the millennia, and it has served the game of separation very well.

Because of the deep-seated fears that most folks carry around with them in their (energy) fields, they can't tell love from fear.  So what you call love is actually a manipulative exchange of attention and affection.  People who won't or can't love themselves (that is, they can't see or allow their own divinity) desperately search for someone else to make them feel secure, and when this security is threatened, they may fall back on emotional blackmail and control by withholding affection, all in the name of love.

Love is relaxing into your true nature.  You can't really get hurt by opening up to this energy.  Sure, other folks operating from fear may give you a hard time, but try to see their behavior as fear-based responses, not aimed at you, personally, but at what you represent to them.  Thus they are acting from their own fears, and their behavior has nothing to do with you (this point of view is an essential component of becoming "transpersonal", but that's a whole other subject).

So, please see yourself as infinitely loved from the higher dimensions, especially by your spirit-self.  Let go of the fear of being alone.  You are not alone, nor ever could be.  Come to accept yourself, appreciate yourself, and delight in who you are.  Then you can begin to sense the love of Spirit as it flows through you.  And remember, love need not be directed at anyone in particular; it's just the Source loving Itself.

Once you allow yourself to sense this energy flowing through you, you'll find that the flow will increase, and it will inevitably flow from your (energy) fields to everyone around you, changing how you deal with them, and they with you.  One day, the dam will break and you will find your fields flooded with unconditional acceptance for everyone and everything.  Everything is made of "god-stuff", so what's not to love?

"Wait a minute!" You might say, "I'm surrounded by mean-spirited people all day long.  how can I love them?"  Do not try to resist their personality quirks or they'll just get worse.  Just open your heart chakra and sense the energy of love in your fields.  If you open your heart chakra, other people will have to work hard to keep theirs closed.  And thank them for giving you an opportunity to put this simple energy trick to work.

Hate, jealousy, and so on are simply signs of a fear-based personality which can't sense the energy of love within its fields.  Give that person a jump start by channeling love at them.  If their fear is too great, it may not work, but at least the outpouring from you keeps their fear from infecting your fields.  Without being patronizing, have a little compassion for it, because feeling so cut off from Spirit is a scary place to be.  Remember?

Never before in the history of this planet have the energies been more conducive to opening to this energy.  Allow yourself to resonate with this new energy as it pours through your fields, and let it permeate all your relationships with everyone: lovers, friends, the mechanic who fixes your car, and the checkout clerk at the supermarket. 

The above is an excerpt from the book An Ascension Handbook by Serapis.
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