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There is a silent aching in the human soul for hope and joy - a void that longs to be filled.  Hope is expectancy for something to come.  To go beyond hope, to arrive at what we hope for - to lift the soul from the dense clouds of turmoil, sorrow and stagnation to heights of clarity into Light and Love - is our purpose here. 

This message tears the veil of make-believe and reveals our time - against all appearances - as the most exciting to be in.  It inspires to soul to soar again - to release itself into freedom, the on-going adventure of Spirit where all things are made new.

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Observing humanity as a whole, the need for answers to some fundamental questions becomes more apparent than ever before.  With Man in stress, economics in distress, and the list of woes endless as time itself, an onlooker from on high would certainly not perceive mankind as serene and filled with a quiet sense of purpose.

It is most astonishing, to say the least, that lack of noble purpose is the common trait in the lives of even the most learned intellects of our time.  To challenge anyone into questioning his reality, which is cemented in the belief system of fear and lack, is generally met with resentment.  It is this belief which constitutes Man's Holy Shrine.  To empty this shrine of its contents is almost perceived as an act of blasphemy.

What we identify with constitutes our reality, and lack of true identity is reflected in the individual's insecurities, regardless of the many attempts made to cover these by seeking safety in numbers.  It is not union, when one disunited individual joins with another disunited individual.  Such union compels itself to a mere re-affirmation of each other's disunity.

The tenacity of such "union" is always in direct proportion to the ignorance of its individual members.  Croaking individuals do not make a choir by joining.

* * *

The mark of our time is a universal conversion of energy - a shift from Fear to Love.  In essence it is a re-definition of identity.  Contrary to all appearances it is springtime in the Universe.  The seeds of human consciousness have slept through the barrenness of a long winter, many preparing to burst asunder to sprout the mighty Tree of Life.  Here and there seeds are bursting already and with every passing day more souls promise their awakening by stirring in their sleep.

* * *

Those who are to question their reality, I invite to join me in the grand adventure of Self-discovery, the flight of the soul.  There is nothing to lose, only to gain!  To re-define Self identity and to release fear as a result of it, is the answer to all Man's woes.  This is our purpose here.  To realign our Being with the Divine Intent.

So, if you permit, we shall embark together on a journey.  No lack of road maps here.  We shall travel slowly, for there is much to be seen and to be explained.  But, when our destination is in sight, you may find it was the grandest journey you have ever undertaken, because on this journey we are homeward bound.

Our travel luggage?  An open, unprejudiced mind and a keen awareness.  No more - just that!

The above is an excerpt from the book God I AM: From Tragic to Magic by Peter Erbe.
You can BUY this book (and/or audio tapes) HERE by clicking on the book title below:

God I AM: From Tragic to Magic
by Peter Erbe
God I AM encourages us to look beyond illusions and recognize what is real and above all to honor the God I AM, that we are.  A simple, yet profound approach to living a transformed life.  This book is akin to a mini-version of A Course in Miracles.

God I AM: From Tragic to Magic (7 audio tapes - 9 hrs)
by Peter Erbe
Peter Erbe collects our fragmented consciousness, the misperception of separation, and transforms the fragments into the whole of Spirit.  He articulates a metaphysical truth into a universal language we can all understand with ease and joy.

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