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Here were four man sitting opposite us at table. There was one that had lived upon this earth about one thousand years. He had so perfected his body that he was able to take it with him wherever he desired; his body still retained the buoyancy and youth of a man of thirty-five years and this perfection had been completed about two thousand years.

Next to him sat a man that was the fifth in line or regular descendant of the family first mentioned. The second has lived upon this earth for more than seven hundred years and his body did not appear to be a day over forty. There was Emil who had lived for over five hundred years and appeared to be about forty; and Jast who was about forty and appeared to be about that age.

* * *

The son was a tall, erect, manly fellow, whom we took to be about thirty years of age. The daughter was not tall, rather slight, with very fine features; she was fine, well-poised girl, whom we judged about twenty years of age. Afterwards, we found that the son was one hundred fifteen and the daughter was one hundred twenty-eight years old.

* * *

Emil's mother was over seven hundred years and six hundred of that time she had lived on earth with her physical body. Yet all were as buoyant and light-hearted as thought they had been twenty, and nothing was assumed. It was as thought youthful people were with us.

The above is an excerpt from the book Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding.
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Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East
by Baird T. Spalding
The Masters teach through example and clearly demonstrate how we could all lift ourselves and live lives that are for most of us beyond our wildest imagination.  Yet it all begins with expanded vision and the development of our inner resources.

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