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Increase Through Extension

Our BEING IS LOVE.  There is nothing and no thing Love cannot supply.  Be it money, if this be our need, or be it a partner, a companion, an insight or forgiveness - the form the need requires to be satisfied is completely irrelevant.  Love knows not of degrees of difficulty in the giving of its SELF.  It just simply gives its SELF in the individually most suitable and required form, if it is allowed in.  Our needs are known to it before our body-Self is even aware of any need.  In the pursuit of money, we constantly affirm its lack.  Why else would we pursue it?  Lack is the result of the fear of not having enough.

Our hunt for supply is therefore based on fear.  We even fear each other.  We take great care not to be disadvantaged by our fellow-man, yet would have no cause to lose sleep over if we invested greater care in not cheating him.

Once Love has been acknowledge as our Source of ALL supply - our Being in other words - it must be extended to be able to flow.  This point cannot be repeated enough.  This is the real secret of prosperity.  One who sincerely desires to find the secret of prosperity (not only money, remember?), to learn about the Law of Supply, cannot and will not do so, unless he comprehends the fundamental truth of Love's INCREASE THROUGH EXTENSION.

If Love is not extended it cannot fulfill its own nature, which IS extension.  Love in the heart of Man, when not extended, shrivels up, recoils within itself.  We may be tempted to believe that to extend love is to walk around this planet and willy-nilly hand out warm fuzzies, regardless if our brothers like it or not.

Being sincere about this we recognize: Love is extending Being - is acknowledging the same Being as ours in our brother.  To share my Being with my brother, I must look past his body at his real SELF of him, his Being.  Inevitably I see his Being as his Source and before long, I recognize both, my SELF and his, to be of the same Source.  That is true sharing.  I can do this very well without ever speaking a word to him.  This sharing occurs within the quiet of one's heart.

If then may very well take on any form this life can possibly provide, but must, of need, be born first in the heart.

Now when a fellow-man approaches, claiming a response to his need, whatever it may be - how can we possibly withhold?  For all he is really asking for is love.  He may be still immersed in his own game of "getting", but this matters not.  We learned - what does not matter will not materialize.  His values are based on his reality of loss, that loss of any kind is possible 0 through the act of giving away.  These, his values, shall never materialize for us.

The currency, the form of Love he claims, is totally irrelevant.  If it be money - so be it - so we give, to us it is all the SAME.  And if his claim exceeds all bounds of decency, we may communicate our argument, not born of scorn, and fear of loss - but rather in the manner a parent corrects a misbehaving child.  But we still give, not necessarily all in the form he claimed, but certainly we healed through the response of Love.  For we communicated, listened to his needs, and this is really what his need was all about.

And should his claim be in form of an attack, let not indignation and outrage direct our response.  For if this is what we truly feel, then we must not deceive ourselves.  If suppression of such feelings is outright denial of these, then we do more harm, to ourselves and our man, than good.  In such a case, we shall air our frustration, it is a safety valve.  A righteous anger can cause some wind, but wind can also clean the air.  For all it means is we have not understood as yet.  And this is perfectly in order. 

To feign feelings we do not have would certainly not be in order.  But if there is a chance to calmly remember what we have learned, we can then look at the idea behind the form of his attack.  Deeming himself as a separate Self, he has to be deprived of Love.  So his attack is just a twisted call for Love.  And desperate he must be in his thirst for Love, so let us not reject his cry for help.  Outwardly he may rage and rant just for a little while.  if his claim be justified, we give, we pay.  If not, with Love's approach we will, most likely, find a mutually agreeable solution.

If all this fails, if his heart seems hardened, not approachable by love, then we pay him anyway, whatever the currency he claims, for we know it to be Love.  To him it is the only form of Love acceptable at present.

Love, we know, once accepted in whatever currency, converts itself into the help he really needs - finds its way into his heart - be he aware of this or not.  And it begins to open what was hardened until then, and slowly he discovers his won Being as the Source.  Love was extended and thus increased.  We prosper and our brother too.  My Being can only give to his Being, and both in truth are ONE BEING, it follows the, that LOVE GIVES UNTO ITSELF.  This is why giving IS receiving.

The above is an excerpt from the book God I AM: From Tragic to Magic by Peter Erbe.
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God I AM: From Tragic to Magic
by Peter Erbe
God I AM encourages us to look beyond illusions and recognize what is real and above all to honor the God I AM, that we are.  A simple, yet profound approach to living a transformed life.  This book is akin to a mini-version of A Course in Miracles.

God I AM: From Tragic to Magic (7 audio tapes - 9 hrs)
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Peter Erbe collects our fragmented consciousness, the misperception of separation, and transforms the fragments into the whole of Spirit.  He articulates a metaphysical truth into a universal language we can all understand with ease and joy.

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