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Eternal Youth

There is no natural law of death or decay for man, except through accident. No inevitable old age process exists within his body or group cells - nothing that can gradually paralyze the individual. Death is, then, an avoidable accident. Disease is, above all, dis-ease, absence of ease or Shanti {Peace} - sweet joyous peace of the spirit reflected through the mind in the body. Senile decay, which is the common experience of man, is but an expression that covers his ignorance of cause, certain disease conditions of mind and body. Even accidents are preventable by appropriate mental attitude. Says the Siddha: "The tone of the body may be so preserved that it may naturally resist with ease infections and other disease, like plague and influenza." The Siddha may swallow germs and never develop disease at all.

Remember that youth is God's seed of love planted in the human form divine. Indeed, youth is the divinity within man; youth is the life spiritual - the life beautiful. It is only life that lives and loves - the one life eternal. Age is unspiritual, mortal, ugly, unreal. Fear thoughts, pain thoughts, and grief thoughts create the ugliness called old age. Joyous thoughts, love thoughts, and ideal thoughts create the beauty called youth. Age is but a shell within which lies the gem of reality - the jewel of youth.

Practice acquiring the consciousness of childhood. Visualize the Divine Child within. Before falling asleep suggest to your consciousness,

"I now realize that there is within me a spiritual joy-body ever young, ever beautiful. I have beautiful, spiritual mind, eyes, nose, mouth, skin - the body of the Divine Infant, which now, tonight, is perfect."

Repeat this affirmation and meditate upon it quietly while falling asleep. Upon rising in the morning suggest to yourself aloud,

"Well dear (addressing yourself by name), there is a divine alchemist within."

By the spiritual power of these affirmations during the night a transmutation takes place and the unfolding from within, the Spirit, has saturated this spiritual body and spiritual temple. The inner alchemist has caused dead and worn-out cells to fall and the gold of new skin to appear with perpetual health and loveliness. Truly divine love in demonstration is eternal youth.

"The divine alchemist is within my temple, constantly coining new and beautiful baby cells. The spirit of youth is within my temple - the human form divine, and all is well. Om Shanti! Shanti! Shanti! (Peace! Peace! Peace!)"

Learn to smile in the sweet way of a child. A smile from the soul is spiritual relaxation. A real smile is a thing of true beauty, the artistic work of the "Inner Ruler Immortal". It is well to affirm:

"I think a kind thought for all the world. May all the world be happy and blessed."

Affirm before taking up the work for the day: 

"Within me there is a perfect form - the form Divine. I am now all that I desire to be! I visualize daily my beautiful being until I breathe it into expression! I am a Divine Child, all my needs are now and forever supplied!"

Learn to thrill yourself. Affirm:

"Infinite Love fills my mind and thrills my body with its perfect life." 

Make everything bright and beautiful about you. Cultivate a spirit of humor. Enjoy the sunshine.

The above is an excerpt from the book Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East by Baird T. Spalding.
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Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East
by Baird T. Spalding
The Masters teach through example and clearly demonstrate how we could all lift ourselves and live lives that are for most of us beyond our wildest imagination.  Yet it all begins with expanded vision and the development of our inner resources.

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