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Eternal Youth

The body grows old through negative thinking. Thought by thought the body assumes the vibrational reactions of every discord, every fear, every dismal, hateful, jealous, sorrowful, self-pitying idea harbored in the mind of man. Thoughts reveal their secrets on the open surface of the face and skin. From thoughts and emotions come the etchings of time as each line is engraved by the mis-use of the powers of one's own thought. Wrinkles with all their ugly tracings write their own story upon the human countenance and form. Evil thoughts are the saboteurs of youth and beauty, and of life itself.

There is no room for the ugliness of age, the negation of disease or the decay of death to take hold as long as one revels in the gift and blessing of life. And for such a one life becomes ever more abundant. As one rejoices and gives thanks for the divine, wondrous gift of life, his life forces will be increased instead of being diminished within him.

Old age is no longer to be a thing of days or years. Age is a condition registered by though and mortal concepts. Old age is the backward look as it squanders the present. Old age holds to the ancient discordant hates and resentments, to the marred moments of anguish, the pains and sufferings and sorrows, keeping them forever alive, as they become permanently engraved into the perfect smoothness of the skin. Age is but the etching on the face of memory's anguished, hateful thoughts. Age is that backward look that clings to the mistakes and the sorrows and the griefs that were meant to pass away after their lesson was learned.

Old age is an ugly thing. It is a false condition. Fortunes have been and are being spent to erase its ugly script from the faces of women (and man). They may have their faces "lifted" by painful, intricate, expensive operations that leave a greater weakness for those muscles to sag into the rhythm of their established thinking patterns.

The only permanent "lifting", which is not contrary to natural laws, is the uplifting of one's own thoughts. As one learns to think only the most beautiful things possible, holding himself in the joyous vibrating existence of that ever present, glorious NOW, the realm of the soul, his face will be lifted to correspond with this thoughts.

The ancient engravings may not be changed in a day. It took years to establish that distorted pattern known as "AGE". But it can be changed thought by thought as all negation is overcome through exalted thinking habits. Wrinkles are but the dried excrements of the mind. And as the wonderful revealer of the Odes of Solomon wrote in his thirteenth Ode: 'Tell forth praise to His Spirit: and wipe off the filth from your face: and love his holiness, and clothe yourself therewith."

As one lets only love and kindness pour forth from his heart and his mind he learns to hold himself in the great stream of God's concentrated love and will receive the life more abundant and will be restored to beauty, both of form and feature.

Love is Life! One can become that love as he permits it to flow out through his being to enfold the world and every living thing upon it. In this outpouring love one's own soul is the first to receive of its healing, maturing, glorifying powers of renewal and quickening. Next the physical body will be enhanced as one is rewarded openly for his own inner communion. Then it is that this love, in expanding and increasing grandeur and power, will flow out through his heart to help heal and bless a world.

The love of God holds within its potential powers the power to "lift" and exalt not only one's face but every condition. This love is brought forth through man's own thinking and "feeling" vibrations and activities. As one's thinking is exalted the face will be lifted to assume the loveliness and beauty of his thoughts.

As one steps into the "Life More Abundant", by his exalted vision, the lower laws of mortal, negative thinking will be replaced by the love and power of divine thinking. The body will become the holy instrument through which the soul operates as the love of God is released in ever increasing beauty to fill the entire being of man. Then the whole body becomes enhanced, beautified, invigorated, renewed and glorified. The physical part of man, the mortal flesh, assumes the powers of the Spirit as he becomes alive to "STAND FORTH' in the power of God - to be fulfilled! This is man's destiny and his true heritage.

As one travels this higher road of light he will soon realize that he is traveling in the Spirit. He has left the heavy task-master behind, mammon. The very earth has lost all hold upon him. He is free! Forever and forever abundantly, beautifully free! It is then one realizes that never again can he relapse or return to the caverned, dismal darkness of mortal thinking and existing. He has learned to think only the most beautiful things possible and has thereby entered a realm of sheer, exquisite beauty, of joy and gladness and everlasting, increasing power. He is abiding in the life more abundant, vibrant, exotic, eternal!

The above is an excerpt from the book Celestial Song of Creation by Annalee Skarin.
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