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Superbeings - Spiritual Alchemy - Ascension

Ascension Attitudes

I AM a God who requires understanding and your search for reunification with me is an individual responsibility. Each must learn for himself how to live upward as it were, through thought, into the realm of feeling, and then into the realm of Being. This upward movement can begin just where you are if you relinquish the customary attitudes and fill your heart with a new song - a song of love, a song of praise, a song of gratitude.

Love, praise and gratitude, arising from your heart center in silent expectancy, are the three Ascension Attitudes, those focused attitudes of mind that exalt your feelings toward the Christhood level. As you concentrate on these three attitudes - or one of them if there is one that seems more natural to you - making them a day to day, moment to moment, second to second habit, regardless of the unpleasant appearances which may be closing in around you, you will be learning to control the random mixtures of your thoughts. It is necessary, of course, to pull your random thoughts together and focus them on that Door in mind before you can ease through it. The three Ascension Attitudes supply the most important points of focus. They are your keys to the kingdom of true Being.

As you study the message of the Christ and begin thereby to get acquainted with yourself, the potency of truth will light such a fire of enthusiasm inside you there will suddenly be a flood of reasons for your heart to sing out gladly. And when your heart begins to sing, it will mean that you are reaching upward from the wheel of cause-and-consequence to put your hand in mine, giving birth to your "wave of determination", showing your willingness for my will to be done. It will also mean that you are praying without ceasing, although you may not previously have thought of love, praise, or gratitude as being prayer.

First Ascension Attitude - Love

When I commanded you to love me with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, I did so because this kind of attitude makes it possible to live upward toward the level of the Christ.

If you hold your mind on the good news of how you and I relate, how we complement each other, how we are inseparably One whether you are aware of it or not, you will no longer have to force yourself to love me by whipping up a storm of willpower and determination.

Understanding must come before genuine love for me. Understanding will fill your mind with a vision so beautiful, so desirable, so attainable, that you will never have to try to love me. Love will flood your mind and heart spontaneously every time you think of this great vision.

As you draw the vision to you, expanding it with all the detail you can gather - it will expand forever - the Light of Christ within you will be growing brighter every day.

Loving your neighbor as yourself has little to do with being eager to socialize much of the time, it has little to do with giving in to his dominance for the sake of human harmony, it has little to do with letting your time get wasted away while you indulge his idleness.

It has a lot to do with silently holding to your vision of the Christ in him without holding him responsible for acting in accordance with this high ideal. He may be filled with shortcomings, but you are to realize that some day they will all be healed when he decides to hunger for my light.

You are not likely to soar through the Door yourself if you have been weighted down with the belief that you must drag your neighbor along. Your responsibility to yourself and me is to keep your mind centered on the greatest good for all. Do not specialize among friends and relatives while so many of my children the world over are in direst need of prayer. Expand your vision to impersonal consciousness and include them all.

Second Ascension Attitude - Praise

It is so much like love as to be inseparable from it. Praise me, from whom all blessings flow and as you do, the all-important Christ vibration will be stimulated in your heart.

Realize that all blessings do really flow from me and it will help you to fill your heart with praise. Every piece of matter you touch was once afloat in the infinite sea of Holy Spirit. Do you not feel a little awe that such miracles of transmutation could happen without cessation and yet pass by unnoticed?

Everywhere you look, in nature or in fellowman, if you sincerely want to rise above the prosaic habit of taking everything for granted, if you sincerely want to feel inspired and stimulated to the quickened vibratory rate of praise, you will find factual evidence to feed your imagination. I am truly in all and through all. You may watch me in actual expression if you will only open up your mind and take a thorough look.

Third Ascension Attitude - Gratitude

This attitude is so closely allied with love and praise as to be inseparable from them. When you have accepted the radiant Christ vision and allowed yourself to love it, when you have relaxed your intellect and learned to contemplate my omnipresence, then gratitude will be your natural reaction to it all.

As you contemplate the indescribable future awaiting each member of human race as soon as he stands up to claim it, gratitude will well up in you automatically, flooding the reservoir of your heart.

The vibration of gratitude is such a mighty creative force that it alone, if indulged continuously, could lift you free of the sub-creation more rapidly than you realize.

Give thanks for ten thousand thinks beneficial to you every day which you may have been accustomed to taking for granted.

Then go one giant step further than you have gone before and give thanks for the things you want as if they have already come to pass.

The above is an excerpt from the book Door of Everything by Ruby Nelson.
You can BUY this book HERE by clicking on the book title below:

Door of Everything
by Ruby Nelson
Simple, to the point and powerful.  The focus of the book is on spiritualizing the body through the practice of ascension attitudes of love, praise and gratitude. These three attitudes can begin to transform your life as soon as you begin applying them.

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