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The Use of Affirmations

When an individual sincerely uses affirmation, he brings about a full acceptance of the Truth of whatever he affirms; for its use is but to focus the attention of the outer mind so steadily upon the Truth that he accepts it fully in his feelings - because feeling is the actual God Energy released which manifests the Truth affirmed.

The continued use of affirmation brings one to the point where he has such a deep realization of the Truth in anything he affirms that he is no longer conscious of it as an affirmation.

One uses an affirmation, mantram, or prayer because he desires something made manifest. Right desire is the deepest form of prayer. Thus by the use of affirmation the student raises his outer self into the full acceptance of its Truth and generates the feeling by which it becomes a thing manifest. In this deep acceptance comes the manifestation; for through concentration, the spoken word begins to cause instantaneous activity.

The above is an excerpt from the book series "I AM" Discourses.
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