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Create Effective Affirmations

Affirmations are statements you choose to program into your subconscious mind in order to produce desired outcome.

State your affirmations in the positive.  If I say "Don't think of a pink elephant", and keep on repeating it, notice what happens in your mind.  If you state that you will not do something, your subconscious actually creates image of you doing exactly that thing you would rather do without.  If you are experiencing pain or illness, focus on perfect health. If you are experiencing financial lack, focus on abundance.

State your affirmations in the present tense - as if you already are or have what you desire - or least as if you are moving closer and closer toward the accomplishment of your goal. Imagine that which you desire to experience as if you are already experiencing it now.

If you have difficulty seeing yourself as possessing your desire now, think about that quality in general or think about those ones who already have that which you desire. You may remember that your subconscious does not differentiate between yourself and others. For example, if you have difficulty picturing yourself as having abundance, contemplate all forms of abundance existing in the world and embrace that feeling.

The power of your affirmations depends on how much feeling you put in your statement. It is not enough to make a statement or to repeat it automatically, it is important to create the feeling of how would you feel if you already have that which you desire. Become that which you desire totally. Make that experience in your imagination and feelings as real as you can.

Your subconscious mind prefers statements that are short and simple, it also likes rhythm, so if your affirmations are longer, turn them into rhymes.

Your subconscious mind prefers images and symbols to words. The more outrageous and distinct the images, the more they will stick in your mind. You may borrow images and symbols from others or you may create your own. What matters is that they are powerful and meaningful for you.

The secret to adding power to your words and to training your subconscious to fulfill what you affirm speedily lies in practicing to keep your word. If you say that you will do something, then go ahead and do it. If you are not sure that you will be able to fulfill the commitment, avoid saying that you will. This way, your subconscious will get the message that when you say that something will happen, you mean it, and it will happen.

You may also practice saying your affirmations in slightly different tone of voice than your normal speech. Practice saying your affirmations with the tone and feeling of power. You may speak the affirmations out loud or inaudibly in your mind, but add the feeling of power to your words.

Create a special atmosphere - a magical place. Again, you may turn the corner of your dwelling place into a place of power, or you may create this place only in your mind. If you mind is not yet trained, you may find it very helpful to create the actual place and decorate it with your own symbols and images that elicit within you a feeling of power. Your subconscious mind will get the message that this is the place where you create powerful transformations in your life.

If your mind is not trained, choose approximately the same time every day to repeat your affirmations. In the beginning it is preferable if you can spend this time completely alone and undisturbed. As your subconscious mind becomes conditioned, it will not matter any more where and when you work with affirmations.

The most powerful affirmations are at the level of identity. They begin with "I AM". What you put behind the "I AM" qualifies your identity. You may experiment with "I AM Infinite Being of Power", "I AM Love", "I AM Light", "I AM the fulfillment of all of my desires", and similar. Repeat these affirmations silently or aloud, whichever way you find works best for you, until you get the actual feeling that you are that which you are affirming and until everything else dissolves from your awareness.

If you choose to repeat "I AM Love", imagine and feel yourself as being love. To stimulate this feeling you may begin with thinking about something or someone that you love unconditionally, just for the sheer joy of that something or someone existing, or about things that you appreciate, the things and people that bring you joy, or about beings that demonstrated their love towards you. If you find it difficult to begin with people, you may think about the sun that shines on you every day without judgment, the birds that chirp, trees and flowers, your pets. Perhaps sometimes you were in trouble and the help arrived in some mysterious way and you had the sense that some Higher Power really cares for you.

When you manage to create this feeling of love, feel this love spreading through your body. You may begin from your toes and go upward and stop for awhile at every part of your body and create this sensation of love within the cells of your body, until you feel that your whole body is created out of love. You may also imagine that with every breath you take you are breathing in and out love, and only love.

The next step is to practice projecting this love towards others. Feel this love flowing through your eyes when you look at the world and people during the day. Feel this love flowing through your hands as you touch others. Feel this love flowing through your words as you speak. Remember that everything you will create through your affirmations, you will create out of love. Love is the power that will back up your affirmations.

As you practice working with love, you will most likely notice immediate changes in your life. If you have challenging relationship with some person, just silently send him/her love without judgment or expectations, just simply in the same way that sun shines on you. If you really look, you will find something lovable in that person. You will find that you will either establish harmonious relationship with that person as if by magic, or that the person will get out of your way.

Your subconscious mind is literal. It has no sense of humor. If you make your affirmation very specific, that what you get will be exactly that specific, but it may take a bit more time to manifest. If you make your affirmation general, than what you get may not be quite what you expected. For example, if you affirm that you now have more abundance, "more" may mean a cent, and you may indeed stumble upon a glittering cent on the street. Put in specifics that you absolutely need and then leave some open space and add a statement along the lines "this or something better manifests for me now for the good of all". Also do not specify how is that what you desire going to show up in your life. Leave some space for it to arrive in miraculous and unexpected way.

Your subconscious mind follows the path of least resistance. It will find the fastest way and options to get you what you affirmed.

Check if you have any beliefs that are contrary to what you desire and replace those beliefs. We will discuss the belief change in more depth on Superbeings tapes.

The best attitude while you are working with affirmations is the attitude of a little child, filled with playfulness, curiosity, open to infinite possibilities, expecting miracles to happen and using its imagination in the game of pretending, so immersed in its game that the only thing that exists while the game lasts is the full-blown reality of its imaginary world.

One caveat. Do not impose on the free will of others. Yes, you do have the power to affect others, and be not to misuse this power. You can state affirmations for others, but before you do, check out how would it feel for your if someone affirmed the same thing for you.

The best way to learn is through your own experience. Go for it, be playful and outrageous!

Dr. Laura De Giorgio, Ph.D.
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy
NLP Master Practitioner

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