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The Fijian Kula Bird

The Collared Lory or Kula could be considered as Fiji's most special bird,
and a very suitable candidate for its National Bird.

This small parrot is found only in Fiji,
where it occurs everywhere except in the Southern Lau Group,
furthermore it is quite common in all habitats.

Nearly everyone has seen the noisy squeaking flocks of Collared Lorys,
even in the central Suva, as they fly conspicuously between Erythrina,
African Tulip and other flowery trees.

The Kula also has a long and proud cultural history
as a centuries old supplier of red feathers of fine mats
while to scientists the Collared Lory is an important species
because it has no close relatives.

My name is Sneh and I come from the Fiji Islands.
My home is now in Canada.
Welcome to my little spot in cyberspace.
Your comments are always appreciated.

Please visit the following page dedicated to
Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswati
The founder of the Arya Samaj.

Swami Dayananda Page

The following link contains a couple of stories
remembered from my childhood days in Fiji.
More will be added as time permits.

Sneh's Indo-Fijian Children's Stories

As you can see, by all these recipe links below,
I am very fond of the art of cooking

Please visit my Recipe Pages
for some of my own Indo-Fijian dishes

Sneh's Indo-Fijian Recipes
Diwali Recipes Website
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Sneh's Helpful Household Tips
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Health Tips

12 Indian foods that cut fat
Natural therapy for heart vein opening
How To Clean Our Kidneys Cheaply

Indian Music Links

By visiting this link you may hear appropriate Ragas
for all hours of the day and night
Compliments of Maharishi Gandharva Vedic Music

Sample classical melodies.

Useful links to Educational Resources

By browsing the following links
you will receive a good introduction
to the culture of the enchanted Fiji Islands

Fiji Islands on the web.
Fiji Government news.
Link to
Fiji news, entertainment, recipes, etc.

If you have any personal recipes that you wish to share,
please email me. Thank you for visiting and come again !