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Pageant World Banner Exchange



We have been posting your items for sale on the net since 1999!!!

LMV Consignment Site is proud to offer rhinestone pageant pins, tack pins, dance pins, and occasionally pageant tiaras for sale embroidery services such as banners, t-shirts, tote bags and makeup capes as well as a consignment site to post your clothing for sale! Check out of links page also!



We post any type of clothing, pageant or everyday type of clothing as we post by size and not by category.




if you have outfits to add. The posting fee is 50 cents per item. We post any type of clothing, pageant or everyday clothing. Email us a picture (in JPG format) and description exactly how you want it worded and that's it! If you need a picture scanned, email me for my address. I will scan FREE of charge, however, you must send a SASE for return of photos. There is NO fee for scanning!

HOWEVER we ask that if you sell your outfit(s) to PLEASE notify us. In addition, approx. every 30 days, I will email you to "verify" that your outfit is still available, sold or if you wish to change your description/price of your outfits for sale. Failure to reply to email by date requested will result in item removed from the site.

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