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San Quintin, Baja California

1-800-479-7962 (toll free from the U.S.A.)


P.O. Box 2631

Spring Valley, Ca. 91979


Welcome to the Old Mill Hotel, located in beautiful San Quintin, Baja California,about 200 miles south of the international border at the headwaters of San Quintin Bay. The Old Mill is named for the wheat mill established by the English colonists around the turn of the 19th century. Many pieces of the original machinery still remain on the premises. A long drought forced the English to abandon the mill. Then in the late 1940ís, the Mexican Government established a cannery at the location where tuna, sardines, and mackerel were canned until the early 1970ís. Al Vela, the cannery manager at the time, along with his wife, Dorothy, started a modest hotel that catered to fishermen and hunters and from there the Old Mill evolved into what it is today.

The San Quintin area enjoys spring-like weather most of the time. Temperatures rarely go above 85F during the summer months and in winter the days are mild with cool nights. Rain can occur Nov-Feb.

For the fishing enthusiast there are yellow-tail, yellow fin, dorado, bonita, shark, halibut , rock cod, black and white sea bass, and marlin in the waters off the Baja. San Martin Island and Benís Rock are two popular destinations off of coast. There is a launch ramp on the premises at no charge. Pangas (boats) and cruisers are available from area sportfishing businesses. The prices vary depending on the size of the boat. A fishing license is required of all persons on a boat.

There is excellent goose (Black Brandt) and duck hunting on the bay. Season: Nov 16-Feb 28. Hunting is allowed only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Pangas and guides are available in the area and of course gun permits and hunting licenses are required.

Besides fishing and hunting, there are opportunities for sight-seeing, taking photos, bird watching (the bay is a bird sanctuary where over 168 species winter each year), visiting an oyster farm in nearby Bahia Falsa, claming, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, riding your all-terrain vehicle, swimming, reading, sun bathing, and just plain relaxing in the peaceful environment. We have ample parking for your car, boat, rv, or atv in our security gaurded lot. There are a number of very good restaurants nearby with very reasonable prices.

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