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Cosmic Visitors

Brahin......................................52'30' N., 30'20' E. Minsk, Belorussiya , USSR, Found 1810 Stony-iron. Pallasite (PAL). Two masses of about 80kg and 20kg respectively were found in 1810, and a third of 183kg later,Analysis of metal, 8.38 %Ni, An analysis gave olivine 37.18% by weight, There has been considerable confusion over the number and weights of the known masses of this fall. Eight masses reported, totalling 633kg. A number of masses are reported, since discredited by Krinov, Eleven masses listed, total weight 823kg, including masses of 73kg found in 1952, 12.7kg found in 1968 and 21.8kg found in 1979.
  • 128.0g polished slice
  • 262.0g polished slice
  • 264.0g polished slice
  • 358.0g polished endpiece
  • 1,132g block w/four polished faces